Chrollo All Star Tower Defense {Sep} Get New Updates!

This article gives all the useful information about Chrollo All Star Tower Defense in details.

Have you recently seen a lot of All Star Tower Defense showcases and streams with a new character called Chrollo? Are you thinking about buying this new unit in your game as well? If yes, you should first read our entire article to get all the information about Chrollo All Star Tower Defense.

This character has been famous in the United States and many other countries, and players have put out wonderful videos showcasing his abilities! So let’s look into all the information we have about him.

More about All Star Tower Defense:

All Star Tower Defense is an online battle video game that is played worldwide by players on Roblox. Over 1.7 billion gamers have played this game since Top Down Games first released it on 5th July 2020.

As it is a battle game, you should stave off waves of enemies that will attack you. You collect new units like Chrollo All Star Tower Defense from the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour and use them in battles. Each unit will showcase different abilities and powers. You can also make your attacks unique by upgrading your character troops. You can even make teams with other players and make your game interesting by playing in story mode or taking on infinity tower.

More than 52,353 players are actively playing this game presently in the United States and many more places. Astd has also gained positive ratings from 7,28,000+ gamers. Fans are loving this game even more every day as developers introduce new features and units.

What is Chrollo All Star Tower Defense?

Let’s now discuss the main highlight of this article which is Chrollo. He is popularly known as Puppet in Astd. He is based on a character called Gowther from the anime and manga series “The Seven Deadly Sins.” Although he is not part of any evolution, he was awarded to the team that won the Summer 2021 Event. 

  • He is an ultra-rare 4-star ground and full AoE type unit. 
  • Even though Chrollo and Growther were separate characters before, they now come under the same unit name called ‘puppet’ in the game, as of 2nd September 2021.
  • To get Chrollo All Star Tower Defense, you have to step into the giant pink beam, which will lead you to an area where you can sacrifice any other character from your inventory so that you have a chance of getting Chrollo.
  • It has three total upgrades:
  • Deployment with a Damage of 179, Range of 50, SPA of 5, and DPS of 35.8.
  • Upgrade 1 with Damage of 537, Range of 50, SPA of 5, and DPS of 107.4.
  • Upgrade 2 with Damage of 1074, Range of 50, SPA of 5, and DPS of 214.8.
  • Upgrade 3 with Damage of 1969, Range of 50, SPA of 5, and DPS of 393.8.


Our final verdict about Chrollo All Star Tower Defense is that this is a new, powerful, and extremely rare character that can make your gameplay fantastic. So, it would be best if you tried to attain this unit by using the technique we told you. 

Read more about Astd here. 

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