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The guide shares details about the Chillin Chameleons NFT and the Nobel cause of the unique art community.  

Have you ever thought of changing the world using Blockchain technology? Probably not! But, a unique art community focuses on changing the world’s ecosystem using Blockchain technology. 

Chillin Chameleons is the art community with a unique purpose. The NFT startup focuses on using the power of Blockchain technology to design over ten thousand art pieces and donating a percentage of profit to support an NGO. 

The Chillin Chameleons NFT startup focuses on solving the global plastic issues. Many people in the United States are now focused on becoming a part of the Nobel cause.      

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What is Chillin Chameleons?

Chillin Chameleons is the collection of uniquely created 10000 NFTs based on the Ethereum Blockchain. These NFTs focus on making up a huge part of the growing ecosystem. The holders and members of the community focus on saving the environment and having a good time doing so.

The community is passionate about protecting the world and the environment by using the power of NFT Blockchain technology. They have created more than 10000 Chillin Chameleons NFT art pieces and donating a profit percentage to the NGO, Pro2tect. 

The partnership focuses on solving the common global plastic issues. The community’s contribution and efforts will change the archetype of what a sustainable ecosystem should look like.     

Who are the Key Personnel in Chillin Chameleons?

After evaluating the website, we found the details of the founders. Below is the list of people that are behind the startup.

  • Kellan – Chief Executive Officer
  • Darren Fryer – Developer of Pro2tect
  • Nell – Designer
  • Sam Elfarra – Chief Financial Officer
  • Oscar Wulf – Vice Prescient Operation  

These are the key personalities serving the organization.

How Chillin Chameleons NFT Works?

As mentioned, the innovative designs and products of Chillin Chameleons work by using the Blockchain technology that has been the inspiration for the company. The community is based on influencers, and many influencers in the United States support the cause. So, the influencers helped them reach over 20 million supporters worldwide.

Kellan, the CEO, guides the supporters and team to sustain a positive attitude and boost their morale which is important for them. It helps the founder keep the community-focused and straight towards keeping the ocean free from plastic and clean. 

As the organization grows, the profit margin and Chillin Chameleons NFT value will increase. It will also benefit the NGO and help them work effortlessly for the Nobel cause. 

What are the Future Plans of Chillin Chameleons?

Chillin Chameleons plan to continue with their cause of saving the Planet Earth and the environment via NFT drops and creating metaverse positively. The organization is also planning to support the related NGOs passionate about creating a sustainable and cleaner world.

For more such details and plans, you may follow the official social media page of Chillin Chameleons.


Chillin Chameleons NFT is not just an art community; it goes beyond that. The community takes pride in being a part of the Nobel cause to fight against global plastic issues.

You can also be a part of the cause by supporting the cause and participating in the NFT drops in the future. 

Do you support the unique art community Chillin Chameleons and their cause? Would you mind sharing your experience in the comment box?

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