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This article is about Chide Wordle and the word Chide. Read below  to know more details on yesterday’s wordle.

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People from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India play the wordle game. They like to play an online guessing games with their friends and family.

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What is Chide?

A five-letter word that ends with de was given as a hint in the wordle game of April 21, 2022. As a result, people are searching for the answer to this clue. Five letter words ending with ‘DE’ abide, abode, amide, anode, azide, etc. But the answer of April 21 was oxide though people think it to be ‘Chide.’

The meaning of Chide is to scold someone. Synonyms of this word are scold, chastise, upbraid, admonish, rebuke, reprimand, reproach, reprove, etc. Therefore people are searching for is Chide a Word.

What is Wordle? 

Wordle is one of the popular online word games created by a Software Engineer, Josh Wardle. Earlier, Josh created the game for his partner. But when he shared the game with his other family members, they found the game interesting. 

Later, the game became popular on social media, and people began to play the game. After seeing its popularity, the New York Times Company purchased the game from Josh for a hefty sum.If you like to play a word guessing game, then you should play this game. Even you can play this game with your friends.

How to Play Chide Wordle?

You can play the game by visiting the official website free of cost. You can play it on a desktop or mobile browser like Google Chrome, Safari, etc.You will be given a hint, and you will have to find out the answer, which is a five-letter word. You will be given six tries to find out the answer.

There are some tips for playing the game. When you put the right letter, it will turn green. When the letter is correct but put in the wrong place, then the letter turns yellow. When the letter is wrong, it turns red. Now people are confused regarding Chide wordle. Even some people are confused about whether there is any word like Chide.

Players can even take the help of a dictionary. Despite taking the help of a dictionary and getting tips, very few players find out the right answer in the first attempt itself.


If you also like to play online word games, you should try the wordle game as it is an interesting popular game. You can even use a dictionary and get some hints to find the right answer. Besides the English language, wordle game is available in other languages like Spanish, Italian, etc. The game is available in more than 93 languages.

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