Chase Bank Alert Text Scam {Sep 2022} Beware Of This!

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The below-written article is all about Chase Bank Alert Text Scam and the precautionary steps you should take.

How often does it happen to you that you find a text message that is a scam in your inbox? Are you also facing this scam issue like the people of the United StatesIf yes, then you should read this article till the end.

People worldwide face a new scam in which they have received a phishing text or email in the bank’s name. That is why they all are searching for Chase Bank Alert Text Scam. Let’s see more.

What Is This Text Scam?

Recently a text scam from a Chase bank has been circulated on the internet. People received a message from the bank claiming their credit card had been used inappropriately and their account would be temporarily closed. People found this message in both text and email. At the end or in the middle of this message, there will be a link that says click here and verify now. 

If you click on the given link, you will be the next victim of the Chase Bank Alert Text ScamClicking on this link will give the scammer access to your data such as account number, card code, phone number etc. As this information is purely sensitive, many people claim that they lost a large amount of money from their bank accounts after clicking on the link.

After getting robbed by this online scam, people submitted the answers that the generated message or email was so real that they could not mark any difference between the real messages from the bank and the scam one. People took to social media to spread awareness. 

Chase Bank Alert Text Scam– Dos and Don’ts-

As per the survey, it was seen that people were unaware of the fact that a bank will not threaten any of their customers to remove auto block their accounts for no good reason. Moreover, after analyzing the whole scam message and emails, it was seen that it has tons of grammatical mistakes that make it obvious that this message doesn’t contain any legit information. 

The question is what you should not and what you should do when you receive such messages. Firstly, do not click or forward Chase Bank Alert Text Scamas this link will let the scammer into your personal information, harming your financial control. Call your bank by searching their real numbers online. Take social media to be aware of other people also. 

Before proceeding with any action, read the text as often as possible, as self-awareness is the only key that can save you from a lot of trouble. And lastly, do not try to reply to such messages, as they are one-sidedly generated and will not give you any benefit.


It is obvious that the Chase Bank Alert Text Scam can happen to any person. In many cases, people also claim that they have received a phone call from a bank and were claiming to block the account for such reasons. In all cases, you should do one prior thing, which is to convey the message to your authentic Bank Customer Support. 

Nothing big, but it can save you a lot of energy.  Do you also come across the same encounter? What did you do to save yourself a cost? Please comment.

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