Charlie Watts Arabian Horses {Aug} Get Complete Insight!

Please read this article about Charlie Watts Arabian Horses and their management before and after the drummer’s demise.

Do you know about the famous band Rolling Stones? Have you heard about their drummer Charlie Watts? Have you heard about the recent death of Charlie Watt? Do you know that Charlie Watt was famed not only as of the popular drummer but also for another thing? Read along to know the other fame of Rolling Stone’s famed drummer Charlie Watts.

The drummer was famed apart from music as an Arabian horse breeder, and Charlie Watts Arabian Horses are famed and valued to date throughout the globe, especially in the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia. 

Who was Charlie Watts?

Charlie Watts was one of the founding members of the band Rolling Stones. He was the drummer in the band from 1963 till his death recently on 24 August 2021. Charlie Watts was very successful and was known throughout generations for his music and skills. 

In addition, he was a man of many talents, such as graphic design and marketing; this made him the chief designer and marketing head for the band. But, there was another talent and hobby for which he was known to a different community.

Charlie Watts Arabian Horses– From hobby to passion:

Charlie Watts was very popular apart from being a decorated musician as a popular Arabian horse breeder and keeper throughout the breeder community. Charlie Watts developed a knack for Arabian horses during his peak at the band. 

This knack for Arabian horses kept growing after his marriage to Shirley Watts, a horse lover. In an interview, Shirley Watts said that Charlie Watts was so fond of Arabian horses that his stable meant for 20 horses ended up with 300 horses. 

But, now the distress sets in as what will happen to Charlie Watts Arabian Horses after the popular drummer and horse breeder’s demise.

The Horses at Halsdon- Charlie Watts Passion farm:

The Horses at Halsdon were quite different from that of other Arabian horses as the horses at Halsdon are somewhat special and more popular than other Arabian horses. The reason for that is; first, it is owned by Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley Watts, and secondly, each Arabian horse at Halsdon is given utmost care with superior, intuitive husbandry. 

The popular couple always believed that proper scientific methods and care would lead to superior breeds of horses. But, after the demise of Charlie Watts, the concern comes to Charlie Watts Arabian Horses

Shirley Watts broke the bubble stating that the Horses will continue to get the care and quality management as was going on, as this was Charlie Watts’s favorite thing to do. Shirley Watts is also a popular horse breeder and expert.


It can only be concluded that the popularity that Charlie Watts and his wife Shirley Watts has gained in the horse breeders’ community throughout the globe is commendable. The care and management of Arabian Horses at Halsdon was and will be at its peak at all times. 

Nevertheless, after the demise of Charlie Watts, the pressure is on Shirley Watts alone. But, Charlie Watts Arabian Horses are sure to remain in the best hands. You can visit  to know in detail about horses at Halsdon.

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