Chard Wordle {Sep} Is It The Correct Answer? Read Here!

In this Chard Wordle guide, we talked about the Wordle puzzle #440 – Charm. We hope you got the answers.

Are you struggling with Wordle #440? If yes, then you are in the right place. As, we are just two days away from the weekend. You don’t want to lose your streak before starting a new week. Wordle fans across the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Canada and other countries are eagerly waiting to see some relevant clues to guide them further. Stop panicking and take six guesses to the correct answer. Let’s get your weekend started with the Chard Wordle

What’s the answer of Wordle #440? 

The word of the day is easy to guess. The term is used more frequently as an emotion, and the answer for the day can also be used as an adjective to define someone’s personality. The word quite often can also be used to attract someone or to make people flatter. Or there can be a third meaning as well. 

It is used in bracelets or necklaces as well. With so many definitions, it is easy to guess the word. Isn’t it? This word rhymes with the Chard Wordle as well. Answer of the 2nd September Wordle is – CHARM.

Hints to help you identify the keyword

One thing that is necessary to win these tantalising puzzles is to follow all the hints and clues carefully. Here are some clues to help you find out the answer. 

  • The word always contains five letters.
  • There is only one vowel between the terms. 
  • The puzzle is to define a piece of necklace or bracelet
  • The word is used for luring someone. 

There is no pressure to complete the Wordle as soon as possible. Take your sweet time to solve the Chard Wordle. Treat the game as a casual puzzle and take 24 hours to solve the game accurately. 

Write down all your guesses, as you have only six shots to win the game. Don’t break your streak by hasty decisions or being in a hurry. The solution might contain repeated words sometimes, or it might be a word you have never heard of before. 

Wordle archives: remember to memorise the word

One must remember to memorise or keep notes of the previous puzzles that might have been played. The best tip is to remember as many words as possible because it will help you find the correct answer. The letters are not repeated in the Chard Wordle. You will get the answers right away, instead of putting the previous word that has already been there before. These last words will also give you fun ideas to solve the problem.  

Here are some solutions to the past Wordle puzzles: 

  • FUNGI 


In this guide, we talked about the word of the day,. The word charming can be used as an adjective to praise someone. Charm also used to be called the centrepiece of any bracelets or necklaces. The word charm is often confused with Chard Wordle. Don’t be sad if you are unable to find the answer, always focus on the clues. 

How was this Wordle puzzle? Also, comment below. 

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