Cbc Olympics Figure Skating {Feb} Know History & Format!

This news article shares essential details about the Cbc Olympics Figure Skating and its related events in this article.

Are you a great fan of skating and want to make your life in it? Do you follow skating religiously and follow all the tournaments? If yes, this article will help you gain more information about skating and its Olympic games. 

If you stay around the United States and Canada, you have this advantage to enjoy the game and participate in Skating tournaments. So, let’s learn more about it and start our discussion about Cbc Olympics Figure Skating

What is Figure Skating? 

As we all might be aware, skating is a lot of fun that involves skating. However, do you know that there is a sport in the Olympics that includes Figure skating?

In this Figure Skating an individual or a group of people involve themselves in this sport? It is the first winter sport that was included in the Olympics. 

Figure Skating is an important game that involves a pair of figure skates which one requires while skating. So, if you have one, you can indulge in this game. 

Moreover, this game is included in the Beijing Olympic 2022. So, let’s understand more about Cbc Olympics Figure Skating

History of CBC Olympic includes Figure Skating

  • Figure Skating is a part of the Olympic Games in 2022. The first figure skating in the Olympics was in 1908. 
  • It was again contested in Antwerp in 1920. 
  • This game was conducted among women’s men’s and in pairs, increasing its value until 1972. 
  • Therefore, later in 1976, Ice dancing was also included in this sport. 
  • Mixed events in figure skating were included in 2014, and therefore, this is the evolution of the CBC Figure skating history. 

Format of Cbc Olympics Figure Skating, Beijing, 2022

The Figure Skating sport will include the following events: 

  • Pairs
  • Singles of Men
  • Singles of women
  • Team event
  • Ice Dance

So, these are the events in CBC Olympics that specify Figure Skating. There is a long and short routine in the game, which is essential to determine the competitor’s score. 

In every routine, there is a set of scores awarded to the player: the technical-element score and the Program-component score. 

In addition, there are around 144 quotas available for Figure Skating in this year’s competition. 

Beijing Recent News: Cbc Olympics Figure Skating 

Various countries are participating in the game, including Japan, the USA, China and many such countries. There are spectacular high jumps on ice and various mesmerizing events that one can experience live. 

Recently Canada missed its place in figure skating, which is the first time since the team’s participation. 

Even though Madeline Schizas had a spectacular performance, it missed its place in the game. So, enjoy this game online and explore more such sports. 

In addition, if you want to gain more information about the game, click here.  

Final Verdict: 

Cbc Olympics Figure Skating is a game that is recently going on in Beijing. Many players belong to various countries and have their presence in the game. 

The spectacular game has various events this year in Beijing, and one can enjoy the game with live broadcasting of it online. 

Which is your favourite sport in the Olympics? Share your views in the comment section below. 

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