{Updated} Cat in Blender Part 2 Twitter-Guy Puts Cat in Blender Twitter, Watch Real Video!

In the article below, we have provided all the information about the Cat in Blender Part 2 Twitter. We also discussed the consequence of it.

Did you see part 1 of the Cat in a Blunder video? Many people have come across the first video and saw what the guy did with the Cat, and now they are wondering if there is a second part too. 

People from the United States and worldwide are curious to know what the second part of the video has in it. We have brought you an article to provide the readers with all the information about the Cat in Blender Part 2 Twitter. So, stay tuned till the last to explore more.

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Is there any second part of the Cat in a Blunder video?

Barely a week after the initial video of a helpless feline being blended alive went viral on social media, another devastating video of the same nature appeared on Twitter, causing widespread resentment. Netizens were appalled that some individuals could stoop so low as to commit brutal acts of cruelty towards defenseless animals. 

Despite the Twitter account responsible for sharing the second video is now suspended, individuals who had already viewed the clip reacted to it. Some regretted clicking on the video and said they were traumatized, while others expressed anger toward the perpetrator. It’s disheartening to witness such despicable behavior toward innocent animals, and strictness is the only option to deter such atrocities from happening in the future.

Was the Guy Puts Cat in Blender Twitter video arrested?

Several users attempted to uncover the identity of the person behind the gruesome animal abuse video by analyzing its contents. @scarycontent18 shared an image of the blender with Chinese characters and asked others to translate it. The writing purportedly said: Some users also shared what they believed to be the location where the culprit filmed the video. 

On May 3, several social media users claimed police arrested the individual responsible for the heinous act. However, confirming whether the person arrested is the perpetrator has been difficult. Several TikTok users believe that the alleged offender is Xu Zhihui, a food blogger/vlogger from China’s Anhui province, who is said to be popular on Chinese social media platforms like Bilibili and Weibo. Ensuring the correct individual is held accountable for such crimes and brought to justice is important.

Consequences of the Cat in Blender Real Video culprit arrest

A gang of animal abusers from China have made threats to replicate their cruel acts after being apprehended for their initial offense. According to a Reddit user, these abusers are planning a live stream event to take innocent felines and blend them alive while tormenting them to death. The platform removed the post, but the horror didn’t stop there. Cat in Blender Real Video part 2 was shared on Twitter by a now-suspended account named @DefyXD24. Individuals who watched the video mistakenly were left mortified, stating that it was more horrific than the previous one. One particular user with the handle @Jaylan66659931 expressed his sadness and called it a “heartbreaking” event.

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The police arrested the guy who put the Cat in the grinder and killed it. The guy is a food blogger from China, and people are saying that this is not the first time he has done something like this

Do you think the police will charge him heavily? Comment down your views.

Guy Puts Cat in Blender Twitter (FAQs)

1-Was Xu Zhihui arrested for killing cats? 

A-It remains unconfirmed whether Xu was arrested specifically for abusing and killing felines since killing cats is not illegal in China.

2-What was Xu Zhihui allegedly arrested for? 

A-Police arrested Xu Zhihui for sharing inappropriate online content, including a cat abuse video.

3-Is animal abuse illegal in China?

A- Although killing cats is not illegal in China, animal abuse violates the country’s animal welfare laws.

4-What consequences should there be for sharing inappropriate content online? 

A-Consequences for sharing inappropriate content online could include legal charges and social media account suspension.

5- On which applications people shared Cat in Blender Real Video Part 2?

A-People shared it on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, and TikTok

6- are stray animals protected under animal laws in China?

Answer: Animal laws in China don’t protect Stray animals like dogs and cats 

7- Can parents allow their children to watch the cat video?


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