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If you are looking to find out whether or not the website Cash And Go is a legit earning website then look no further, I have the answer for you. Keep reading to find out if Cash And Go is a legit option to earn money online in 2022. Cash and Go is an online network that allows the average person to make money with 3 simple steps.

Step 1 is referrals,  after signing up, you are assigned a referral link, with this link it’s your duty to share it as much as possible and have others sign up under it. Users are paid for each person that signs up under their referral link. Step 2 is sharing online. The average person spends almost their whole day browsing and posting to social media whether it be pictures on instagram, memories on facebook, or personal thoughts on twitter, social media is booming. Imagine getting paid to post on social media, Cash and Go pays users to post about them on all social platforms. Users can earn money for each individual post. Step 3 is a good one, surveys and offers.

Cash and go has surveys and offers for users to complete in exchange for compensation. These surveys are quick and sweet and generally have high payout amounts. The offers are also easy as pie, all is asked is to download new apps and games and then you should be good. Is a sweet deal like this too good to be true ? 


When researching websites like these there are a couple of touchpoints that you would like to hit. Understanding what you are looking for is key, If this website is legitimate then all angles should be covered. When looking for a scam, you want to look beyond the website and take a peek at their SEO. Find out what others are saying about this website, Take a look at their socials to see their engagement rates, see if this product has the trust of the general public. When looking at Cash and Go there are mainly positive things that are being said about this website, users seem to be loving the experience so far. There are tons of Youtube videos from members of the website detailing their experience with the site and how they have been getting paid from the website to complete easy tasks. Cash and Go has a high Facebook rating as well, users seem to love this website. 

Does Cash and Go actually pay users ? 

Cash and Go has built their good reputation over time. They have continued to pay their members all that they work for which is the reason why they’re a very popular survey site. My experience with this website has been nothing but pleasant, I signed up and completed all of the requirements in order to cash out and unsurprisingly, I was paid the full amount that I was due. Cash and Go does in fact pay their users to complete tasks. The short period I spent on this website made me want to return for more. 

How to earn on Cash and Go 

  • Users can earn on Cash and Go by completing various different tasks such as using your referral link to invite new people on to the website. Users are assigned a unique link and with this link are to invite as many people as they can to join the website and start earning as well. Users are paid significantly for each invite they bring onto the website. 
  • Another way users can earn on this website is by sharing posts online to various different social media outlets. Users are paid to post about the website on different outlets such as Instagram,Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, and more. 
  • Cash and Go has surveys to fill out and apps to download which is another way users can earn money. The website offers easy surveys to fill out which can take up to ten minutes to complete and users can earn lots of money doing these tasks. You can also download apps and games and earn money for doing so as well. 
  • There are loads of ways an individual can earn money on this website. Cash and Go is one of the few websites that actually pays its users what they promise to. 

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