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The guide shares details about the new Cashapp23 com Scam to make users alert and stay safe.  

Do you prefer sending money online via Cash App? If you use Cash App for sending money or conducting other online transactions, you probably have heard about the new radio ads from It is the new scam website pretending to be associated with Cash App, and it claims to offer $750 to users who complete the online surveys. is making rounds amongst the users of Cash App in the United States. Users attracted to the radio ad wonder if Cashapp23 com Scam or legit.     

What is Cashapp23 Scam? is the online website making rounds these days, especially for its radio ad that claims to offer $750 to all users who complete the online surveys. The application is a replica of the renowned cash transferring application, Cash App. However, it has nothing to do with the original and authentic app, Cash App., as confirmed by many users in the United States, is a scam portal. Trust score of the website is just 1%. Domain age of the website is untraceable. Considering all these points the portal looks like a potential scam. 

Is Cashapp23 com Scam or Legit? is a scam website, and there are many valid grounds to consider it a scam. Please note that similar portals like Cashapp22, Appcash55, and more are also making news and doing scams with users in the same way. So, stay alert to such scam portals.

  • The website redirects the users to 3rd party website which is not associated with Cash App. 
  • Users are asked a couple of questions before taking the survey. 
  • Consumers are asked to complete the sponsored deals within 5-7 days to claim their rewards.
  • After completing the survey, email Id and personal credentials are asked for. 
  • The Cashapp23 com Scam starts when users are also asked to agree on the fine prints, stating that they agree to the email marketing T&C and their privacy policies.   

These are some of the grounds based on which is considered a scam.

User’s Reactions!

Since the radio ad claims are very attractive it is attracting many people. Savvy users are taking the discussion forum to discuss the new scam.

According to the users, Cashapp23 com is a scam and not legit. Cashapp23 com Scam is targeting many people, extracting their credentials, and making them victims of their email marketing. 

People confirmed that it is a scam and not linked to Cash App. The scammers are now using new URLs instead of Cashapp55, and Cashapp22 scammers are using to do new scams.  

Conclusion claims to offer cash money in the Cash App Account after you complete their online surveys. People have urged others to stay alert to such scams and make other alerts. You may read the Threads online before clicking on any scam links.   

However, it is a scam, and Cashapp23 com Scam targets many people worldwide.Read here How To Protect Yourself From Online Scam?   

Are you attracted to scam radio ads? Please share how you reacted to the ad in the comment box.

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