Carmley Reviews {Feb 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

The following research on Carmley Reviews will give you all the details of this store which are necessary to discuss.

There are many stores that deal in the online selling of clothes, ornaments, etc. Nowadays, online stores are more popular than physical Shopping Worldwide. There is no crowd, no wastage of time; you can select, add, and buy. is a store which deals in a number of items.

Carmley Reviews are some of the important factors that need to be taken care of while shopping from any online store. So without wasting any, we will give a brief description of this store and the kind of product they sell.

Brief of an online store that strives to offer good products to satisfy consumers. Consumers want to get products that are affordable and the quality is good. There are a number of items they are selling that will ease your life in a number of ways. Products they have:

  • Christmas tree
  • Christmas snow street lights.
  • Long martin boots
  • Vintage check knitted dress.
  • Jumping Christmas deers

Is Carmley Legit? You need to understand whether your shopping destination is good for you or not. Although, there are items which you may want for you and your family. The year is full of festivals, so with a lot of festivities around, people plan to enjoy their life with different feasts with unique decorations. So you can order some items only after knowing if this store is legit or not.

Features of Carmley

  • Buy long martin boots from
  • The email address of is as follows:
  • The telephone number and address of the company is not provided by the owner, making it a bit insecure.
  • Based on Carmley Reviews, we could not find any responses on the collection of their items like clothes, trees etc. Also, there was no relevant feedback found on other rating sites.
  • Return policy:
  • You have fourteen days to return a product if any defect or damage is found.
  • The orders could be cancelled before shipment.
  • Refund policy:
  • A refund will be allotted only after inspection of the returned product. If they approve, then a refund will be transferred to your account.
  • Payment option available here is PayPal.

Positive highlights

  • Email address is mentioned.
  • Free international shipping on orders above $68.

Negative Highlights

  • No Customer’s feedback was available.
  • Pages on social media were found, but no relevant information was there.

Is Carmley Legit?

As we discussed, before you buy from any store, it is quite important to judge a particular site’s reliability, accuracy, and authenticity on a certain basis. And this paragraph helps a customer to know the accurate sight of the store. Let us discuss some useful information about this store.

  • Domain life: 16th August 2021 is the creation date with less than six months life expectancy.
  • Registrar: NameSilo, LLC is the registrar of
  • Trust Score: 2% is the trust score of this store which is unacceptable.
  • Customer’s feedback: we could not find any Carmley Reviews on the products of this site. Also, there was no relevant information available on other review sites.
  • Social media platform: A single page is found on Facebook with no valuable information.
  • Missing information: important information like address and telephone number is missing, making it insecure to use.
  • Privacy policy: the policies of this store are acceptable, but some policies like the exchange policy are unclear.
  • Data safety: offers the safe transmission of statistics through the Https protocol.

All these details will show the exact picture of this store. You can judge the accuracy of this site on these factors.

Carmley Reviews

We could get a lot of information like the email address of this store and social media page. But, the telephone number and location of the company is still not provided. Although a social media page is found on a single platform, no relevant information was found. We could not find reviews of this store on any rating sites as well as on their valuable collections like Vintage Clothing.  

Also, it got a poor ranking as per the Rank of Alexa. It could be noticed that few customers visited this store. So, one should not trust this site without any investigation over credit card scams.

Final Summary

Based on Carmley Reviews, we must tell you that the creation of this store happened a few months back. It has less than six months of life expectancy. Also, we would like to inform you that the trust score of this store is adverse. 

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26 thoughts on “Carmley Reviews {Feb 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?”

  1. it’s a scam. i ordered something off here – havent received it and despite 3 emails to them, i have not received any reply. i commented twice on a facebook posts and they quickly removed my comments and disabled my ability to comment. I paid via Paypal and credit card so will now be opening a claim to try and get my money back.

    • Hello kate, When did you place your order? If no reply from them, seems they are fraudulent. Yes, you said it right you can connect with the payment company for a refund. They will help you in a better way. You will get your money back. Please drop a message if you get any updates or feedback. Thanks in advance. Take care.

    • Same thing with me. Won’t answer emails and ha b e not received. Tracking stops after Dec. 22. I ordered on Dec 5. I hope it’s not too late to do dispute.

      • Hello Jan Meadows, thanks for the update. It’s a long-time gap order. Go for a refund. The payment company will help you better. Please let us know, any updates. Be aware and alert. Take care. Thanks.

        • I’m in the same boat…..ordered Christmas outdoor decorations December 6th tracking stopped December 28th . Still haven’t received anything. No email response. No phone number available. I hearing they’re a scam.

    • Same here. Unable to reach the company. Ordered a product on Dec 15th. No receipt of the product. I believed that it is a Scam!!!!!!

      • Hello Kay, we feel sad, you have not received the order and are not able to connect with them. If no single reply, it is doubtful. Did you try for a refund option? Drop the updates here. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  2. I also ordered several hundred dollars worth of Christmas decorations and it was supposed to be delivered by December 6th. On my account it shows active and awaiting shipment. I have sent multiple emails without one response. I guess it’s time for me to start filing a claim for a refund from Paypal. In my opinion I think Facebook needs to confirm this are legitimate companies prior to taking their advertising dollars allowing them to scam us. You don’t see a fraudulent company running advertising on television or in a magazine. Step up Facebook and look after your consumers!

    • Hello Barb, the scammers are smart and can handle any situation. The FB should ban such portals to display their ads on the page. People keep blind faith and proceed to carry the transaction. Thanks for the update. How much did you put into the purchase? Please let us know if you get any further details. Thanks. Take care.

    • Hello Angela Salerno, Did you check for a return policy? If not, check with them, if they help you to get it exchanged. Please let us know further updates. So buyers will be aware of such incidents. Be careful. Take care. Thanks.

  3. A family member ordered something from them as a gift and here are the problems so far: very late shipping (2 weeks after purchase when it stated shipping would be within 3-days), fake shipping information, including a false tracking number, oddly vague (clearly fake) shipping information on their site with titles like “Deliver Input” and “Deliver Output), instructions to follow tracking below – but there is no ‘below.’ I’ve instructed the purchaser to file a fraud claim with PayPal. I ship items using the services they claim they are using and know that is not how shipping/tracking information is displayed.

  4. This is one of the worst companies I’ve ever dealt with. They took our money and we have nothing. They do not respond to emails, I’ve sent 3. They provide no carrier, so the supposed tracking number does nothing. Hopefully we can get it refunded through PayPal since these people never respond.


  6. I’m in the same boat…..ordered Christmas outdoor decorations December 6th tracking stopped December 28th . Still haven’t received anything. No email response. No phone number available. I hearing they’re a scam.

    • Hello Tim Papadopoulos, most of the buyers have dropped the same feedback as you. How much did you invest? If no reply, try for a refund option. Check if it works. Let us know. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

  7. I placed two orders in the begining of December. checking the tracking info shows the y have been shipped since December 28th & December 30th. to this day January 18th I have not received them. I have sent many e-mails with no responce as of yet

    • Hello Bill Hickey, it’s horrible. Nowadays, they are using such tricks and showcasing the order has dispatched. Buyers search for it, but no response. Try for a refund option. Check if it works. Let us know. Thanks. Take care.

  8. I ordered something on Nov. 29th and it said it was shipped mid Dec. but has not shown up and now I can’t even get into the tracking info as of today and the email is not working either, so feel like I’ve been obviously scammed!!

    • Hello patti morton, the way they cheat with the buyers is out of imagination. It’s a long gap since you ordered it. Did you try for a refund option? Check if it works. Let us know further updates here. Take care. Thank you.

  9. Placed an order on Dec. 17, 2021 can’t get a response from them and now the site that held all order information has disappeared and no longer exists. I still have my order number, but what good is it if I can’t get anyone to contact me back?

    • Hi Phoebe Stubbs, Hope you are well and safe! This is a site not to be trusted at all. People have found it a scam and We advise you to check for refunds from your payment gateway authority. There are hardly any chances that the order would arrive. Stay safe.


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