Capnhatgarena Com {June} Explore Site Purpose, Features!

Read about Capnhatgarena Com hosting events for popular Liên Quân game. Also, learn about the authenticity of third-party website

Did you know that Liên Quân Mobile is a popular action game played worldwide, especially in Vietnam? The game is also available on the Google Play Store as Arena of Valor. 

There are different modes in the game, and players compete to get a better international ranking for progressing in the game. It also features live voice chats in Vietnamese. Let’s learn more about Capnhatgarena Com, promoting various game events.

About is a third-party website of hosting ‘Garena’ Liên Quân! It was launched recently on 16th April 2022. has gained popularity recently as it hosts various events for the ‘Garena’ Liên Quân game. 

However, the Website is a Scam as it scored 100% on the suspicion profile, 78% on the threat profile, 67% on the phishing profile, 78% on the Malware profile, and 14% on the spam profile.

The Website is hosted on a single server from the USA. It has a poor Alexa ranking of 7,961,144, which is anticipated to improve as the events progress.

Features of Capnhatgarena Com: is not available on web browsers. It is only designed to be viewed on mobile devices with less than 575 resolutions. It can be viewed on iPad and iOS devices but not on Mac OS or Windows platforms. is a single-page mobile website that mainly features three things:

  1. The Website provides information about events starting from 2nd June 2022.
  2. It gives information about the global ranking of players and prizes to be won.
  3. It provides information about targets in the games that need to be achieved to complete the Capnhatgarena Com day’s task. did not feature any information related to the policies and terms of the Website. There are no customer service contact details and physical addresses given on the Website. The website owner’s information and contacts are also censored using internet censorship. uses a secured HTTPS protocol, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 317 days. 

About Garena Liên Quân:

Liên Quân is an adaptation of the famous Chinese game Wángzhě Róngyào, which TiMi Studio Group developed for various platforms like Android, Nintendo, and iOS. Where as ‘Garena’ Liên Quân is from a third party. 

Capnhatgarena Com unofficially promotes the game, competitions, events, and prizes for the ‘Garena’ Liên Quân, which Level Infinite originally published for markets outside China. Since 2018, the game has been featured at various international competitions and grossed over $140 million globally.


There are various International Events Held For Liên Quân regularly. However, has come up as a recent website promoting third-party events in the ‘Garena’ Liên Quân game. It has also formulated TikTok and FB pages with updates about bonuses, new seasons, treasure tickets, etc. But, has a Zero business ranking and holds security risks for user devices and data. Hence, is a Scam.

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