Cap 323 Boku No Hero {Aug} Know Before The Release!

This article is about an upcoming chapter of a Manga Series with the name Cap 323 Boku No Hero.

Are you an anime and manga fan? Do you love anime and manga comics? Or do you never miss any episode or new release of anime and manga series? Are you eagerly waiting for the latest release of the popular manga series Boku No Hero Academia? Then read along to know everything about the Cap 323 Boku No Hero before its release.

The Boku No Hero Academia is a well-known and celebrated manga series, and its fan base is global. With the announcement of its new Chapter, the manga series has indeed put its fans Worldwide over the edge.

What is Boku No Hero Academia?

The Boku No Hero Academia is a popular Japanese Superhero Manga Comic Series with immense popularity and reach globally. It is written and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi and is about an ordinary boy without any superpowers (known in the series as Quirks) hoping to gain superpowers one day. The Cap 323 Boku No Hero is bringing the story of the main protagonist boy named Izuku Midoriya and his journey to gain his superpower even after spending a lot of time in the prestigious high school for superhero training. The manga series has been weekly published is Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since 2014 and, as of August 2021, has a mountainous thirty-one volumes. 

  • Director: Kenji Nagasaki, Tomo Okubo, Masahiro Mukai.
  • Studio: The Manga Series is under the studio of Bones
  • Licensed By: This series is licensed by Japanese anime and manga series development and distribution company Funimation.

Cap 323 Boku No Hero– What to expect in the chapter?

In the last chapter of the series, readers saw that the civilians are protesting against the protagonist boy as he had no superpowers but still was admitted to U.A. Deku in the last chapter was still trying to escape from Lida but had no strength in him and was reluctant to go back to U.A. despite his friends’ efforts as he feels that his presence might risk the lives of his friends and the U.A. The spoilers of the newest yet to be released a chapter of the manga series Cap 323 Boku No Hero reveals the following:

  • Title of the Chapter- ‘One Step’
  • The chapter is supposed to be starting with the flashback of the previous chapter.
  • The Principal assures the U.A. barrier to be strong and bringing back Midoriya is safe now.
  • Nezu disagrees with the Principal, still doubting it to be very risky.
  • After the Tartarus invasion, Nezu made some security changes.
  • At present, the civilians are still protesting and even furious, blaming the superheroes for the country’s condition.


This newest chapter is set to release on 22 August 2021 in Japan and 23 August 2021 Worldwide. The Cap 323 Boku No Hero is all set to put its fans into a severe off-the-edge roller-coaster ride as to what will be the fate of the boy and the school. Only time will tell how the story will unfold once it releases. 

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