Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers (Sep) Know More About Book Here!

This article gives details on the Japanese Manga and its latest episode of Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers.

Want to read the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers but don’t know where to start? For those who fall into this category, this article is perfect for you.

A manga show by Ken Wakui, Tokyo Revengers, is based on a manga of the same name. Tokyo Revengers has earned over 3 million units Worldwide since its release in February 2020. Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers is one of the chapters in the series.

What is A Manga?

Manga is Japanese comic books or illustrations. While most Manga adheres to an aesthetic created in Japan at the end of the 19th century, it has a long record in older Japanese artistic expression, like performance art. 

When referenced in Japan, the concept of Manga can be used to describe either comic or graphic art. Comic initially appeared in Japan are commonly referred to as “Japanese comics” Worldwide.It had been 20 years since Manga began to have a significant impact on global comics, and by 2007 it had expanded significantly. 

Before talking about Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers, let us mention a little about the series plot.

About Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Manji Group assassinates Takemichi Hanagaki, a freeter in his mid-twenties, and his former girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and her brother Naoto. After being shoved before a railway, Takemichi is transported precisely Twelve years back in time. 

Takemichi catches up to Naoto and tells him everything on one of his many trips back in time. Due to a loop, Naoto becomes an investigator when Takemichi touches their hands with him in the past. Naoto infers that any moment they shake hands, Takemichi pledges to rescue Hinata. 

Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers 

 Draken arrives and helps Takemichi safeguard Senju during Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222. This storyline of Tokyo Revengers has been heavily referenced since Takemichi interacted with Senju and joined the team. 

When Takemichi was killed in the most current Tokyo Revengers episode, Draken arrived and smashed the bad guys who wanted to earn top rank after killing Takemichi. With Draken’s aid, Takemichi and Senju are currently in a secure place. Thanking Draken, Takemichi stands beside Senju. 

Draken threw the guns to the pavement then muttered, “These guys dare to utilize lethal weapons”.

To know more about Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers, read till the end.

More About Chapter 222

The launch date for the 222 chapteris set for September 15. The next episode of Tokyo Revengers will be released every Wednesday. Weekly basis, a new chapter of Tokyo Revengers is released on Wednesdays. 

Occasionally fresh comics episodes are released late, like in this week’s episode. Tokyo Revengers has been printed in Kodansha’s Magazine. Thus the easiest method to follow the comic is to purchase the issue. Several internet retailers carry the comics if you can’t acquire the publication due to regional limitations.

Final Verdict

We have tried to recap the earlier episodes and hint about the Cap 222 Tokyo Revengers without spoiling much. Kodansha is the website to read this series. 

Do you read Manga online? If yes, then please tell us which is your favorite series in the comments below.

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