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The article is about Candy Montgomery Where Is She Now. Know is Candy alive, or where is Candy now?

Have you watched Candy Montgomery? It is a short tv series based on the real-life story of a housewife candy from the United States who killed her best friend. The real incident happened many years back in 1980. Numerous people who have watched the series wonder if Candy is still alive?

There are a lot of questions popping into the viewer’s mind. So let’s know Candy Montgomery Where Is She Now.

Where is Candy Montgomery?

 The series was released on 9 May 2022 on Hulu. As per online sources, Candy had an extramarital affair with Betty’s husband, Allan Gore. People are thinking about the current state of Candy. She killed her close friend, which she later accepted as a defence to protect herself. Candy resided in Texas, and after her trial of eight days, she left Texas.

As per the online sources, she never returned. However, some sources claim that she currently resides in Georgia. She works as a cerebral health therapist along with Jenny, her daughter, as per other outlets. None of these reports has an official confirmation.

Candy Montgomery Real Life

According to reports, Candy met her friend Betty Gore and her husband Allan Gore in a Church. Candy and Allan reportedly started dating. As per the reports, Candy went to Betty’s house to get a bathing suit. Candy confronted her affair with Betty’s husband, Allan, and in the summer of 1980, Betty was lying dead in her house.

On 13 June 1980, the officials visited Betty’s house, and her body was lying in a small room with an axe near her. As per the investigators, the killer knew Betty personally. Candy moved from the city after the trial. There is no confirmation that Candy Montgomery Still Alive.

Who is Candy’s husband?

Candy’s husband was Pat Montgomery. The couple tied the knot in Suburban, Texas. As per the reports, Candy Montgomery confessed that she killed her in defence to protect herself during the trial. Candy was not accused of the crime. After the trial, Pat and Candy got divorced, and Pat moved from Texas to Georgia.

A mini-series is produced based on this real-life story. People are making several speculations about the life of Candy Montgomery. Jessica Biel is playing the role of Candy. Candy Montgomery Husband left the city. The information regarding Candy is extracted from online sources. There are no confirmed details about Candy.


The article gives brief details on Candy’s real life. Candy Montgomery killed her close friend. She had an affair with her friend’s husband. In the trial, Candy confessed that she killed Betty but not intentionally. She protected herself from the axe that later committed a crime. However, Candy was not convicted of Killing Betty. You can visit this link to know more about Candy.

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