Candleflame Mm2 {Nov} An Excited Release Of Halloween!

In the post, we have discussed the Murder Mystery 2 sword Candleflame Mm2 which will be unveiled in the 2021 Halloween Event.

Are you a fan of Murder Mystery 2? Are you looking for new weapon additions in the Murder Mystery 2 game? If yes, keep reading this informative post.

The famous Roblox game, the Murder Mystery 2, is ready to launch its Candleflame knife. Many game enthusiasts Worldwide want to know more about it. So, in this post, we will discuss Candleflame Mm2.

About MM2 or Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a horror game on Roblox, which is currently the largest and fastest-growing online gaming platform in the world. The game was developed by Nikilis. Murder Mystery 2 is inspired by a game mode of the sandbox game Garry’s Mod called the Murder. 

In the game, a single server holds not more than twelve players. In the twelve players in a server, there is a player who is a murderer, another one is a sheriff, and the rest of the ten players are innocent at most times. There are also unique items such as Candleflame Mm2 in the game that players can use.

About MM2 or Murder Mystery 2 Gameplay

Murder Mystery 2 has three modes, the Casual Modes, Hardcore mode, and the Assassin mode. Players can switch their mode any time they want. 

Within the game, only the player that can spawn with a gun is the sheriff. The sheriff can spawn their gun to use it to protect the innocent from the murdered in the game. If the sheriff gets killed while shooting any innocent or he gets killed by the murderer, then his gun will drop. The murderer owns different swords, such as the Candleflame Mm2.

Anyone among the 10 innocent players can pick up the gun and own it. The innocent player can become a hero if he succeeds in killing the murderer.

In Murder Mystery 2, if the sheriff kills the murderer, then he gets XP points for it. The number of XP points will depend on the number of innocents the sheriff saves.

The innocent players are totally unarmed, and they cannot harm any other player in the game. These innocent players’ only goal is to aid the sheriff when witnessing the murders so that they can figure out the real murderer. 

About Candleflame Mm2

Candleflame is a godly knife. Godly knives are weapons that players can get from game passes, events, crafting, crates, trading, and the codes from merch purchases from the shopmm2 website. 

The Candleflame knife will be unboxed during the 2021 Halloween event within the 2021 Halloween Box. The Murder Mystery 2 Halloween Box of 2021 is the one and only event crate obtainable during the 2021 Halloween event. 


The godly weapon Candleflame is attracting players of Murder Mystery 2, and the players are anticipating that it would come with great powers. Visit Murder Mystery 2 Wiki fan page  to know more.

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