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Read about Candace Wheeler Georgia to know about the plot of Candy episodes launched on Hulu this week of May 2022.

Who is Candace? Candy is a new five-episode series available on Over the Top Platform – Hulu. The first episode, ‘Friday the 13th’, was aired on Monday 9th May 2022. The Candy series was available for streaming from 12:01 AM EST on 9th May till 11:01 PM EST n 16th May 2022.

The audience from the United States was interested to know more about the true-life events of Candace Wheeler Georgia, accused of murdering her close friend Betty. 


Candace was married to Pat Montgomery. The couple had two children. Likewise, Betty was married to Allan Gore and had two daughters. The younger daughter was a toddle. Both the families lived in the suburbs of Wylie, Texas, and led a slow, peaceful suburban life.

Once Pat and his kids met Betty at Lucas United Methodist Church located in Collin County, Texas. Slowly, their family became close friends. Betty was 41 years old and worked as a middle school teacher.

Affair of Candace Wheeler Montgomery:

The friendship grew, and family members became well known to each other. As per online sources, Candace, also known as Candy, had an extramarital affair with Allan. Betty came to know about Candy’s affair with her husband.

Betty’s daughter stayed at Candy’s house while Allan was out of town one day. Candy went to Betty’s house to pick up the swimming suit of Alisa, Betty’s daughter. It was Friday 13th June 1980.

Betty wanted to speak with Candy as both of them were alone. Therefore, Betty inquired about Candy’s affair with her husband, Allan. Candace Wheeler Georgia confessed that she had an affair, but it was a long time ago, and now, they were just friends. 

Betty came with a three-foot ax and warned Candy to stay away from Allan. Candy apologized to Betty, but it made Betty angrier. Betty confronted Candy in a Utility Room and as sources said, she wanted to kill her. 

Candy had a struggle with Betty and managed to take the ax. In the course of the struggle, they both had several injuries. Candy defended herself and wanted to escape, but Betty pushed herself against the door. In terror, Candace Wheeler Georgia had to attack Betty several times before her final escape.

Allan was unable to reach Betty and called his neighbors for help. The neighbors had to break into the house as they did not receive any response from Betty. They found the dead body of Betty stabbed 21 times in the head and 13 times on the body. Please note that we are not blaming anyone, just presenting the news as collected from various sources.


Candy was arrested on charges of murder. However, she was acquitted in October 1980 as she had acted in self-defense and against violent threats of Betty. Pat had divorced Candy four years later. Currently, Candace Wheeler Georgia is working as health counselor accompanied by her Daughter-Jenny. It is the whole plot of five episodes of Candy series premiered daily till 13th May.

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