Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow {Jan} Read Here

This article describes the social media response associated with the tweet of a major political person. Read on Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow.

Have you heard about a recent controversy associated with a tweet posted by a famous North American political personality? If yes, read this article till the end to gain a detailed view of the incident and its aftereffects on social media.

The controversial tweet got trending in the United States and Canada as the political figure is very active on social media activities. His followers retweeted the tweet and were discussed among all major social media platforms. Read on Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow.

About Jon Reyes

Jon Reyes is a major Canadian politician who is currently designed as the minister of the Manitoba government. He was elected as MLA from St. Norbert during the 2016 provincial election. Apart from that, Jon got re-elected during 2019 from Waverley as MLA.

Jon Reyes was born in 1971 or 1972 in Winnipeg, Canada. He is married to Cynthia B Reyes and has two children. He has a membership with the Knights of Columbus and has been an active member since 2013. Jon was also awarded a Special Service Medal.

Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow

  • Jon Reyes posted a tweet on 8th January 2022 that went viral within hours.
  • The tweet had a photo of his wife Cynthia shoveling their driveway. She did the snow shoveling right after her twelve-hour night shift from the hospital.
  • Jon Reyes posted the tweet to show the energy level of his wife even after her night shift, but social media criticized him boldly.
  • The tweet ends with blessings for his wife and the frontliners.

People’s Reactions on Social Medias

  • The Twitter users blamed Jon Reyes. Learn more about the Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow.
  • The online trollers created memes based on the picture and quotes tweeted.
  • The disappointed Twitter users posted film memes on his tweet.
  • Many users blamed Jon Reyes for not helping her to shovel the snow. The quote tweets criticizing Jon Reyes had thousands of likes and retweets. The tweet received a massive negative impact that Jon wouldn’t have expected.
  • The tweet also had 21.4K quote tweets, and almost all quote tweets were against his tweet.
  • Funny cartoon memes, popular gifs, film quotes etc., were used by the Twitter users to express their extreme disappointment towards his social media activity. Read on Canadian Politician Wife Shoveling Snow.
  • From his previous tweet, some users pointed out that he watched a tennis match the previous night and got tired. 
  • Following the viral tweet, Cynthia B Reyes tweeted supporting her husband, but she could not convince social media users.
  • The tweet has 44.4K likes and got retweeted 5778 times. 


Tweets of political personalities get viral based on Twitter user’s reactions. As long as the tweet gets more likes and comments, the tweet gets shared on other major social media platforms. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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