Career Options after Caltech AI And ML Bootcamp?

Caltech AI And ML Bootcamp: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have already brought the future to us. Technology has advanced so much that you will find artificial intelligence in every space and industry. So with all this technology advancing, there should be professionals who can work along with this technology. If more businesses plan to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning in their work, they will need more employees with knowledge of AI and ML.

Way organizations are introducing AI in their business, and soon, there will be a surge in demand for professionals with certifications in artificial intelligence and machine learning. That makes the time we have right now the best time to get into Caltech AI and ML Bootcamp training. Further in this article, we’ll discuss the best career options for graduates of AI and ML and the trends and salary profile of each career.

Caltech AI and ML Bootcamp will open many doors for you in the future job market.

Career opportunities after Caltech AI and ML Bootcamp

The best thing about artificial intelligence is that it is becoming popular in many different industries. This means that artificial intelligence and machine learning are no longer requirements only limited to technology. If you decide to change your career sometime after the course, you can still use all the knowledge you picked up from the training in your other job.

Every industry needs an AI and ML-trained individual, from healthcare to customer service. Let’s look at some of the common careers these professionals go into:

1. Machine Learning Engineer

As an Engineer, if you are interested in data science, then the role of a machine learning engineer is just right for you. Your part won’t be that different from a software engineer. You will be involved in developing websites and applications, but as a machine learning engineer, you will use machine learning. So now, the programs will be able to follow commands based on patterns and trends.

  • Job trends for Machine Learning Engineers

According to this study by PwC, AI is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. This means it will boost the economy by 26% in GDP in many local economies.

  • Estimated salary of a Machine Learning Engineer after Caltech Bootcamp

The average base salary of a machine learning engineer in the USA is $110,646 per year.

2. Data Analyst

Jobs in data are becoming increasingly popular due to organizations realizing the importance of data analysis in every industry. Especially in industries that deal directly with customers, data becomes the factor that helps you understand buying patterns and collect information about what works with the audience and what doesn’t. So then, it’s easier to build your marketing plans around the data collected.

  • Job trends for Data Analysts

From 2019 to 2020, the Data analysts’ job prospects grew by 12.5%. And now, it is expected to grow 13.4% till 2029, i.e., from $271.83 billion in 2022 to $655.53 billion in 2029.

  • Salary f Data Analysts After Caltech Bootcamp

The average base salary of a data analyst in the USA is $65,677 per year.

3. Business Analyst

While data analysts deal with analyzing data related to any part of the business operations, a business analyst is responsible for analyzing business trends and creating some common ground between the IT department and other departments in the organization. Of course, they also have to study the company’s data, but their results directly affect its decision-making process.

  • Job trends for Business Analysts

According to CareerExplorer, currently, there is an estimated 806,400 business analysts in the United States. California itself employs about 102,580 of those business analysts. And by 2026, the business analyst job market is expected to grow by 14.3%.

  • Salary of a Business Analyst after Caltech Bootcamp

The average base salary for a business analyst in the USA is $82,267 per year.

4. Digital Marketing Manager

The role and responsibility of a digital marketing manager are to lead a digital marketing project. They are also responsible for training and handling a team of digital marketers. They have to ensure that the business is doing well in marketing. If there are ever issues in an organization’s marketing performance, they need to figure out how to improve the performance and reach a larger global audience.

  • Job trends for Digital Marketing Manager

Digital marketing is in the top 10 list of LinkedIn’s most in-demand jobs. With 860K job openings globally, digital marketing ranks at number 6. It is only expected to grow as traditional marketing methods become increasingly irrelevant with time.

  • Salary of a Digital Marketing Manager after Caltech Bootcamp

The average base salary for a digital marketing manager in the USA is $58,543 annually.

So to conclude

The future is Artificial intelligence, and if you want to survive in the future job market, you must have at least some basic knowledge of AI and ML. It’s not just the IT or technology industries that have job opportunities for those with degrees and certifications in artificial intelligence and machine learning. All enterprises are adopting AI and ML in their daily workings. So recruiters are always looking for candidates with a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As an expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will find plenty of career opportunities in plenty of industries, but the most common jobs people go for are:

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Digital marketing manager

So joining the Caltech AI and ML Bootcamp makes sense if you are interested in one of these career options. But even if you aren’t, the knowledge will also help you immensely in any of your other careers.

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