California Recall Election Polling Locations {Sep} Read!

This article has informed readers about California Recall Election Polling Locations and why recall elections are happening.

Are you searching for polling locations to cast your vote for the recall election? Or are you looking for locations for recall elections in various counties? If that’s the case, this article will help you find a voting center near you.

In California, United States recall elections are taking place on September 14, 2021. Many voters in various counties are looking for polling locations. So, this will update our readers about California Recall Election Polling Locations and why recall elections are happening.

About California 2021 Gubernatorial recall election 

The California 2021 Gubernatorial recall election is a by-election to determine whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be dismissed from the office of Governor and, if that happens, who should succeed him for the balance left for his term, which ends in January 2023.

The special election will be held in the very same global epidemic format as the 2020 November election. In August, the county election offices will send authorized ballots to each registered electorate’s mailing address for the choice of voting by mail before or on election day. So, before learning about California Recall Election Polling Locations, let’s explain the reason for the recall.

What triggered the California Recall Election?

Gavin Newsom served as the Lieutenant Governor alongside Jerry Brown before he was elected Governor of California in 2018. California is one of the most populated states in the United States, and its economy is ranked seventh worldwide in terms of its size. 

Newsom has led the state through the Covid-19 epidemic while also overseeing the state’s most significant financial surplus in history. Many citizens are dissatisfied with the Governor’s handling of the epidemic and his leadership decisions in general. So, more than a million individuals signed the petition for a recall election.

About California Recall Election Polling Locations

On September 14, 2021, the California by-elections will be held. All voting locations in the various counties will be available around the clock from 7 am to 8 pm on election day, and all of the ballot boxes will remain open until 8 pm.

On September 14, 2021, all active registered voters will receive a vote for the Gubernatorial 2021 Recall Election by mail ballot. Votes mailed in must be stamped, and ballots should be dropped in a secured ballot post box by 8:00 pm on election day. 

Which polling stations are available?

For California, by-elections in total 2296 polling stations are available. See the list below for major California Recall Election Polling Locations available in each county.

  • Alameda – 169
  • El Dorado – 21
  • Fresno – 109
  • Kings – 16
  • Los Angeles – 653
  • Orange – 184
  • Riverside – 105
  • Sacramento – 104
  • San Diego – 352
  • Santa Barbara – 31
  • Santa Clara – 136
  • Santa Cruz – 33 and many more (see the link at the end)


All citizens of California must vote in this re-election to choose the right Governor for the state. There are around 2296 available for voters to go to the nearest poll and cast their vote. To know more about the nearest voting location, visit the official Vote California webpage.

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