Caches Of Echoes {Sep 2021} Read For Latest Update!

If you want to become a Realmwalker in Destiny 2, read this article about Caches of Echoes until the end to know about all the Caches.

The latest season of Destiny 2 has a new weekly mission. There are many mysteries to solve in the Forest of Echoes. In Destiny 2 current week, you need to complete a list of triumphs given for the SHATTERED REALM. Players from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada do not know information about Caches in the forest of Echoes.

So, let us look at all the details about the Caches of Echoes.

What is Echoes?     

Shattered realm has Shattered Scholar, which consists of three locations – FOREST OF ECHOES, Debris of Dreams, and The Ruins of Wrath. Out of the three locations, two of the locations – Debris of Dreams and The Ruins of Wrath are still unknown. In the Forest of Echoes, 3 Caches need to be achieved to become a Realmwalker in Destiny 2. 

There are overall 18 triumphs. You travel in the Forest of Echoes. It would be best if you killed the enemy attacking you with guns. While searching for Caches of Echoes, you also come across a giant which can be killed by firing a headshot. The forest is shown as gloomy and dark with mountains and dead trees. While you make your way through the woods, you come across chests. Unlike classic games, these chests look bright white and can be pointed out from far. These are the chests that contain one item from the list of triumphs in addition to other rewards. So, it would be best if you searched such chests as they are hidden in sealed pathways. 

Where to find Caches of Echoes?

Caches can be in sealed pathways that are hard to find in the dark, and they look like ordinary rocks. Once you break open such a pathway, you will be able to find the chest. Thankfully, you do not need all the triumphs to become a Realmwalker, and only 10 specific lists of triumphs are required. 

What are Data Caches?

In the Forest of Echoes, you will have three data caches:

  1. In Memory
  2. Bearings
  3. The Intruder

You need to collect all three data caches. Do not get confused about the term – data cache. Caches of Echoes are not related to software or collecting some form of cache (or) data, and these are simply names given to three different triumphs to be located and unlocked. 

To make it more serious, the game designers have hinted at the triumphs in their tag lines. For example:

  1. In Memory – A cache IN THE CRPYT
  2. Bearings – A cache IN THE OUTER RUINS
  3. The Intruder – A cache NEAR THE WELL


We hope that you have got an idea about Shattered realm, Shattered Scholar, Forest of Echoes, and Caches of Echoes. Do not get disappointed in case you are unable to find a specific Cache. Please remember to search the location hinted in the above tag lines and search for sealed paths as they are easy to miss. 

Do you want to know more about the Caches ? Let us know about other triumphs you have found.

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