Cabby Wordle {May 2022} Find The Correct Wordle Answer!

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This write-up supports the relevant details to understand the correct answer for the recent puzzle in the Wordle Game. Is Cabby Wordle correct? Read On.

 Are you a wordle fan? Do you play wordle daily? Then it is obvious that you are looking for the correct answers. Did you guess the answer to the May 8th wordle? 

In Today’s time, players of the Wordle game are spread throughout the world. The statistic reveals that many players of the Wordle game belong majorly from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Is Cabby Wordle the answer to the recent Wordle Puzzle? Let us find out in detail further.

Is Cabby the Answer for the 8th May Wordle Puzzle?

Wordle game had acquired a huge hype in all the countries. Players are eagerly waiting for the solution to the puzzle daily. The wordle allows six attempts to guess the correct five-letter word with the provided hints.

Many users are searching for the word Cabby because they believe it is the answer to the recent puzzle. However, our investigation noticed that the answer May 8th Puzzle is CANNY. Hence, Cabby Wordle is not the correct answer for the May 8th puzzle.

Clues To Guess the Word Right.

Below are some clues that support the answer for the 8th May wordle puzzle.

  • 1st Clue: The word has one vowel in it.
  • 2nd Clue: The vowel present in the word is the second letter.
  • 3rd Clue: The last letter of the word ends with Y.
  • 4th Clue: The word is the adjective.
  • 5th Clue: One letter of the word is repeated.
  • 6th Clue: The word’s meaning is accurate judging capacity of Good Powers.

Why can Cabby Wordle not be the answer to Wordle Puzzle?

The answer CABBY is very close to the actual answer CANNY. However, it is important to guess the right word by knowing its meaning. Cabby represents a person who drives a cab. However, CANNY means the show-off of the appropriate judgmental decisions.

Therefore, CANNY is the accurate answer for the hints provided in the wordle puzzle. CABBY does not match the clues due to the difference in the word’s meaning. Hence, Cabby cannot be the correct answer for 8th May 2022.

Rules to play the Cabby Wordle 

Wordle is an important puzzle game based on guessing each letter from the hints provided. Josh Wardle is the man behind this successful brainstorming game. In this game, the chance to guess the letters are permitted only 6 times. While you guess each letter in a square, you will find varied colour codes like grey (incorrect guess), yellow (guess is correct but not in the right square), or green (The guess is Correct in the right location). This notifies the player that your guess is emerging a right answer.

Final Words

Cabby Wordle is not the correct answer for the Wordle Puzzle. However, our study revealed that the right answer for the 8th May puzzle is CANNY.

People are amazed at this puzzle game. It is due to its challenging task and daily. Did you ever try Wordle Puzzle? If not, we recommend you try wordle once for a successful streak. Do not miss sharing your experience in the comments below.

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