Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price (Oct 2021) Is This Legit?

Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price Online Website Reviews

This post will reveal Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price and the authenticity of the brand that offers luxurious jewelry.

Are you also waiting for Bvlgari to launch its Indian accessories range? If you are, then you’re most welcome in this blog post.

Today, we will tell our lovely readers about the necklace launched by a renowned Italian jewelry brand called Bvlgari. It has recently expanded its business in multiple parts of this globe, such as India, the United States etc. moreover, Bvlgari has launched its new range of traditional jewelry. However, its center of attraction is its Mangalsutra, especially created for Indian brides. 

Are you curious to know about Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price? Let’s read below to find out.

What is Bvlgari Mangalsutra?

Bvlgari is the worldwide famous Italian jewelry brand that is widely known for its luxurious collection of accessories. It has recently introduced the beautifully created 18K yellow gold Mangalsutra. However, this necklace is made using 100% pure and original diamonds and metal. 

The modern culture inspires the design of the Mangalsutra, but it holds the same old emotions and values to keep the existing custom alive. This gorgeous necklace is the dream of every bride so, if you are looking forward to gifting this necklace to your future wife and want to know about this Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price, then read further.

How is Bvlgari Mangalsutra created?

Bvlgari is a luxurious brand, and many celebrities found wearing its accessories at multiple international public events so, it gives you a hint about its flawless creation. In elaboration, this piece of jewelry is made using 18 Kt pure yellow gold with black round onyx and stunning diamonds.  

What does Bvlgari Mangalsutra represent?

This Mangalsutra is inspired by Roman culture with a hint of Indian traditions. It represents the worldly desires of synchronous brides. 

Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price

This necklace has been designed using expensive metals and ornaments such as diamonds, yellow gold and onyx etc., and its costs, including all taxes, are only 3,49000 INR.

What are the features of Bvlgari Mangalsutra?

  • The material used in the creation of the jewelry is yellow gold.
  • The size of diamonds in carats is 0.14.
  • The color of the necklace is yellow.
  • The cost of the products is 349000 INR.
  • The product reference number is 358425.

In case if you are satisfied with the Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price, you must check the pros and cons of ordering this jewelry.

What are the positive highlights of ordering Bvlgari Mangalsutra?

  • It is created using 100% original materials.
  • A renowned jewelry brand designs it.
  • It promotes Indian culture with a contemporary look. 
  • It looks decent and also goes with both casuals and formals.
  • It is resizable. 

What are the negative highlights of ordering Bvlgari Mangalsutra?

  • The product has not received any customer reviews as it is still available for pre-orders.
  •  The product is not available in any of the other ecommerce stores.
  • Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price is quite high.

Is Bvlgari Mangalsutra Legit?

In this paragraph, you will get all the answers to your doubts regarding the validity of the brand so, if you are finding this necklace attractive and want to place your order for the pre-book, you must check out the below-stated pointers.

  • Product offering site’s domain age- the web site’s domain is 23+ years old. Hence it was created on 17/02/1998.
  • Product offering site’s domain expiration date- the site’s domain name is validated until 16/02/2022.
  • Social media connections- the brand has verified social media pages on all the popular platforms. 
  • Product availability- The products are not published on any other reliable e-commerce portals such as Amazon. 
  • Trust index rank – the site’s trust rank is excellent that is 100/100.
  • Trust score- The site’s trust score is 89%.
  • Alexa rank of the offering site- the site’s Alexa rank is 22,611.
  • Customer remarks- As of now, no shopper reviews are available on the product offering site.

What are the shoppers’ comments about the Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price?

Unfortunately, there are no shoppers remarks on Bvlgari Mangalsutra’s official Facebook page yet regarding the Mangalsutra as the product is currently available for pre-order.  

At the same time, there are many shoppers’ reviews mentioned on various platforms about the Bvlgari jewelry as it is a renowned brand.  

Thus, it is suggested to wait for the shoppers’ remarks for the product to arrive if you have any doubts. 


Indeed, the brand is entirely legit, so its offered products. Therefore, you can place your order for the necklace if you don’t find Bvlgari Mangalsutra Price a bit high. 

It is also requested to verify everything from your end as well before clicking on the checkout button. Also read: How to check the trustworthiness of the product?

Have you ever purchased anything from this brand? Kindly post your feedback below.

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