Buyspurtle Reviews (Dec 2021) Is The Website Legit?

Please go through this composition to find out about the Buyspurtle Reviews regarding an online e-commerce website that deals with multipurpose spurtles.

Are your kitchen drawers filled with spoons and ladles for various purposes? Do you want to use kitchen utensils that occupy lesser space and are more effective? Have you tried using spurtles while cooking? Did you recently come across a website that sells special spurtles? Then, please read on to know all details.

In this article, we have discussed an online store, about which residents of many nations, like the United States and Canada, want to find out. Thus, please continue reading to know the Buyspurtle Reviews.

What is Buyspurtle?

Buyspurtle is an online e-commerce platform that sells multipurpose spurtles with four tools in each set. A spurtle originally means a wooden kitchen tool hailing from Scotland. The developers have provided a video showing the numerous uses of the spurtles available on this portal. 

The four tools are spreader, scraper, slotted, and super spurtle, all composed of acacia wood. These items have multiple functions, like stirring, flipping, spreading, whisking, folding, cutting, etc.  


  • Website Type – An electronic commerce website that sells multipurpose spurtles.
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address – 16175, NW-49th Avenue, Miami Gardens, FL-33014 (This belongs to another online store and is helpful for you to decide Is Buyspurtle Legit).
  • Telephone Number – 844 411 5366 
  • E-mail Address –
  • Sorting and Filtering Options – Not applicable as this website sells one product.
  • Social Media Linking – Unavailable
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service – Mentioned
  • Shipping Information – No shipping timeline is available. Shipping and handling charges are mentioned as $5.99.
  • Return and Refund Policies – Customers must return the product within thirty days of receipt. They shall receive the refunds within seven to ten working days. 
  • Product’s Price – Mentioned in USD.
  • Payment Methods – Credit or debit cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. 


  • Explanatory illustrations for the items are available.
  • The given video shows the use of each spurtle.


  • Regarding the Buyspurtle Reviews, the website is redirected to another portal for knowing the order tracking status. The other website’s name is also openly mentioned in its policy wordings and contact details. Thus, we are unsure if this portal is legally a branch of that website or it is a matter of duplicity.
  • The subject website does not have any social media connections.
  • A few reviews are available on this portal, but there is no separate segment where buyers can write their feedback. 
  • There is no information on the delivery time of the product. 

Is Buyspurtle Legit

The details we have gathered so far indicate some doubts about the authenticity of this portal. Thus, please read the points mentioned underneath to elucidate on this subject.

  • Website Age – 1 year and four months, as the developers created this portal on 5 August 2020.
  • Website Trust Score – 60%, which is an Average Trust Index.
  • Alexa Rank – 2,099,774, which is not an impressive grading. 
  • Customer Reviews – A few testimonials are available on the website, claimed to be from verified buyers. However, there is no section on the website where customers can share the Buyspurtle Reviews or feedback about the products. 
  • Social Media Linking – This website does not link to social media platforms. 
  • Contact Details – The contact address and e-mail address belong to another e-commerce store. The confusion arises because the products are the same between these two websites. 
  • Originality of Content – The Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy mention the name of another e-commerce store selling the same product.
  • Missing Policies – There is no shipment policy on the portal.

Keeping in mind the above particulars, we are unsure if this website is a legit division of the other portal or a duplicate version. Thus, we cannot declare the authenticity of the subject website.

Buyspurtle Reviews

We could not find any reviews of this website on portals like Quora, Amazon, Reddit, or Trustpilot. Although there are positive reviews on the subject portal, there is no separate section to justify them. It seems that not many buyers have purchased products from this website. Thus, we suggest you read Everything You Should Know About PayPal Scam to be cautious. 


Due to inadequate reviews about this website, we cannot state its legitimacy. Therefore, you should know How to Get a Refund on Credit Card, If Scammed while exploring this website. You may also like to read about a spurtle and its origin. 

What are your opinions on Buyspurtle Reviews? Please share with us in the below section.

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