3 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Likes (Real & Active)

If you’re serious about making your voice heard above 400 million other users, buying likes can be a game-changer. In order to get popular on Twitter, you first need to look popular. The more likes your tweets stack up, the more popular and credible you look. Precisely where buying likes can make all the difference.

Buying likes is a tried, tested, and trusted tactic for getting ahead on Twitter. If you plan on buying Twitter likes, authenticity is a big deal. Likes from real people add credibility and appeal to your content. They make your Twitter profile look more legit, and they can even influence the Twitter algorithm.

But this is only true if you buy real Twitter likes from active and authentic users.  Compromise on quality and it could cost you your Twitter account. Spam likes from fake accounts are prohibited by Twitter, and should therefore be avoided at all costs. The question being – where to find the best sites to buy Twitter likes from real Twitter users? Here we list the best websites which answers for these questions.

Best Places to Buy Twitter Likes

Contrary to popular belief, buying 100% authentic social signals doesn’t have to be difficult.  You simply need to set yourself up with a reliable and reputable seller, with an established track record.

Evaluated on the basis of what matters most – quality, authenticity, effectiveness, and safety – each of the three providers below comes equally highly recommended:

One of the best sites to buy Twitter likes for over a decade, Media Mister is a veteran in social media circles. Their products and services cover all popular social media platforms, including a broad range of promotional packages for Twitter. 

Media Mister

You can buy active Twitter likes from Media Mister starting from less than $5, which come exclusively from real people with legit Twitter accounts.  You can also buy Retweets, Followers, Mentions and more, which are all covered by a full money-back guarantee.

There’s even a 60-day retention warranty bolted on to every order, so you know your likes will stick around for a long time. Media Mister’s reputation speaks for itself, and their high quality servicesforTwitter come highly recommended.  As far as experience and pedigree go, Media Mister is just about the best in the business for social signals in general.

If looking to buy cheap Twitter likes without resorting to spam, GetAFollower is the place to head. This is also the best place to buy Twitter likes from targeted regions worldwide, with a diverse range of major markets to choose from.  You can buy targeted likes from the USA, Japan, Turkey, Korea – great for targeting localised demographics with your content.


GetAFollower sources all likes from real Twitter uses, and quotes sensible delivery times for what’s on offer.  Unlike some, they don’t simply dump thousand of likes on your tweets all at once, which could result in your account being flagged for spam. 

The full range of products and services for Twitter at GetAFollower includes Comments, Impressions, Retweets, Poll Votes, Direct Messages, Followers, Views, and so much more besides.  All the service with prices starting from an insanely low $2, which almost seems too good to be true for what you get in return.

Last up, Buy Real Media is a relative newcomer to the scene, but has quickly amassed a huge following.  Regarded as one of the most reliable sites to buy Twitter likes of guaranteed authenticity, Buy Real Media places heavy emphasis on safety and discretion.

Buy Real Media

Everything you need to build a bigger audience and boost your engagement rate is up for grabs at an affordable price. A long list of promotional products for Twitter, targeted services from a broad range of markets, and the kind of customer support that’s second to none. If you need any advice on how to get the most out of your purchase, the Buy Real Media support team is at your disposal via live chat. 

For a brand that’s not been around for long, Buy Real Media’s progress to date has been genuinely impressive.  With a reassuring refund guarantee on all orders, they’re definitely worth checking out.

How to Buy Twitter Likes Safely?

Again, the importance of exclusively buying 100% authentic Twitter likes warrants repeating. Any fake likes from spam accounts that land on your tweets and it could be game over. 

Hence, it is important to be careful and cautious when buying Twitter likes online.  Specifically, there are several important safety checks that need to be conducted, before placing your order:

  • Check Customer Reviews

There’s no more helpful resource at your disposal than the reviews and recommendations of real customers. This alone will give you all the insights you need to make a safe and informed decision. Unless they have earned predominantly positive feedback, take your business elsewhere.

  • High Retention Rate

Likes that drop shortly after being added to your content are a waste of money. The only likes worth buying are those that stick around long term.  This is where a retention warranty can prove invaluable – a ‘refill’ guarantee that ensures a good retention rate.

  • Check their Customer Support

Quality customer service should never be an afterthought. Before, during, and after placing your order, you should be shown the priority you deserve. Feel free to put a seller’s customer support team to the test in advance, to ensure you’re in safe hands. If not, set your sights on a different provider.

  • Delivery Times

Fast delivery should never be confused with instant delivery.  Fast delivery means prompt delivery of your likes, in a way that looks 100% authentic and organic.  By contrast, instant delivery could trigger Twitter’s spam filters, and result in the suspension of your account.  Avoid promises of instant delivery at all costs.

  • Payment Methods

All transactions should be processed via a secure payment gateway, using advanced SSL encryption. Check that the provider accepts your preferred payment method, and that there are no additional processing or admin fees bolted on.  If you need clarification, direct your questions to their customer support reps.

  • No Password Required

Lastly, there should never be any need to hand over your passwords or login credentials. Real likes from real people are delivered in the normal way – 100% organically, and 100% externally. You could fall victim to fraud if you make the mistake of disclosing any of your sensitive personal information.

How to Increase Twitter Likes?

Along with buying Twitter likes, there are plenty of ways you can stack up more organic likes. The most effective ways of collecting organic likes quickly are as follows:

  • Post Regularly and Consistently

Posting at least a couple of times a day holds the key to maximising engagement.  You also need to ensure you post constantly – i.e. on the same days and at the same times – so that your followers know exactly when to tune in for something new. The more people viewing your posts, the more likes you’ll receive. 

  • Create Shareable and Viral Content

Shareable content is any kind of content that inspires those who view it to share it with their own followers.  It can be something educational, entertaining, informative, inspiring, intriguing, emotive, or even a little controversial. Though in all instances, it needs to be 100% unique, and capable of evoking a response in an instant. 

  • Post at Peak Hours

Posting when your audience is inactive and/or offline is a waste of time.  After all, they’re not going to like your posts if they’re not active on Twitter when you post them.  Figuring out when your target audience is most active and engaged is therefore essential. Align your content calendar with their most active hours, and likes will follow naturally.

  • Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are used by Twitter users to find content of interest to them, and by the platform’s promotional algorithm. Using the right hashtags can make it much easier for people to find your posts and your profile. If unsure, take a look at the kinds of hashtags other popular publishers in your niche are using, and follow their example. 

  • Post More Visual Content

Twitter is all about instant gratification, and nothing is more instantly gratifying than visual content.  Photographs, animations, videos, GIFs, memes, your own custom artwork – all are major drivers of engagement. Visual content has been shown to collect far more likes than standard textual content, and is also much more shareable. 

  • Connect and Engage with Your Community

Last up, every ‘like’ is a seal of approval, and a show of appreciation. If you want your target audience to appreciate you, it’s important to lead by example. View their content, leave likes, write comments, reply to comments, and generally make every effort to connect with your community.  Show them how much you appreciate them, and they’ll do the same for you in return.

Final Thoughts

The above shortlist of the best sites to buy Twitter likes was compiled based on what matters most. When buying social signals of any kind, they need to be 100% authentic, and 100% identical from the real thing.  They need to be submitted by active account holders in the normal way – no bots, no automation, and no spam. 

In terms of quality, authenticity, and overall value for money, each of the three providers above comes equally highly recommended. Plus, the fact that they cover their products with full refund guarantees means there’s nothing to lose by giving all three of them a shot. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Is It Safe to Buy Twitter Likes?

Yes –100% authentic Twitter likes from real people are safe to buy. If the likes you buy come from real Twitter users in the normal way, they’re legit. Your account will only be at risk of suspension or closure if you buy fake likes from spam Twitter accounts. 

2 – Is It Legal to Buy Twitter Likes?

Yes – buying real Twitter likes from active and authentic users does not breach Twitter’s terms and conditions. There are no rules against paying real people to like your tweets in the normal way. However, fake Twitter accounts used to deliver likes for promotional purposes are strictly prohibited.

3 – Why is it Beneficial to Buy TwitterLikes?

Buying Twitter likes opens the door to all the benefits of organic likes, only much faster. The more likes your posts collect, the more credible and appealing they become. Likes also have major influence over Twitter’s promotional algorithm, boosting the visibility of your content.

4 – Can I Get Suspended or Banned for Purchasing likes?

No, on the condition that the likes you buy are legit. Your account will not be at risk of suspension or closure after buying 100% authentic likes from real Twitter users.  However, you could face the prospect of being banned from Twitter for buying fake likes from spam accounts. 

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