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The article will provide you with honest details of the site with detailed legitimacy checkpoints. To know the site is safe or not, check Reviews.

New inventions in electronics will always attract people and are eager to use them for their convenience. If you are looking for electronics to purchase at the best affordable prices, then here is the functioning website named

In this article, we will explain to you the facts of the trending site, and you will get to know all the legitimacy checkpoints with reviews of customers in Reviews. The United States and the United Kingdom citizens also want to know the fact.

What is

Buy-tech is an e-commerce website that deals with mainly electronic devices. The products are available at the best-discounted price over this site, easily attracting people to invest their money in it. The products types are as follows.

  • Room Heater
  • Fit bit watches
  • Drone
  • Winter Gloves and Jackets
  • Phone holder
  • Coolers
  • Therapeutic devices

All the products were at low prices with limited description. The unrealistic prices create curiosity to know the legitimacy of the site. Let’s have a look at specifications to know Is Legit or Fake?


  • Website Type: The site is an online shopping portal that sells electronic, therapeutic and personal care products like electric heaters, drones, gloves, jackets and coolers etc.
  • E-mail:
  • URL:
  • Contact Address: AV Manual Hermosa Rojas 4,12, 38003, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain.
  • Company Name: eso ecommerce,s. I.
  • Cost of Products: Dollars.
  • Payment Policy: Allow payment via Paypal, VISA, Master Card, American Express.
  • Shipping: Worldwide delivery and estimated time,10-20 days.
  • Returns and Refund: Products are to be returned within 30 days, and they will refund money in 30 days.
  • Social Media: No social media presence.

Before proceeding with Reviews, Let us inform you of the pros and cons first.


  • The site sells the latest and new products at a discounted price.
  • Worldwide shipping with minimal shipping cost.
  • The site has been designed well with all the required information.
  • Presence of HTTPS valid connection.
  • The site has provided contact details.


  • The site is newly launched.
  • No about us page found means the owner’s name is hidden.
  • Fake contact details, no official store present at that site.
  • Used free domain email ID.
  • Content copied from other sites.
  • Trust score is only 2%

Is Legit?

After knowing the pros and cons, we are sure you got an idea of the site’s legitimacy, right? Legitimacy factors are very important to know the site is safe for shopping or not. Always check all the website pages thoroughly before taking any decision. So, now let’s highlight the most important points.

  • Website Age: The web portal was registered on 26th August 2021. Hence can’t be trusted easily.
  • Trust Score: They received only a 2% trust score, and the ranking is only 14.2 out of 100.
  • Social Media Presence: No social media accounts were detected.
  • Reviews: Negative reviews on trusted portal with a 1.3 rating.
  • Content Quality: Plagiarized content with duplicate images of the products.
  • Owner Identity: No owner’s name was found.
  • Contact Details: Physical address shows a street view on Google map, and the company name is fake.
  • Return and Refund: Strict 30-day return policy after the receipt. Refund will take 30 business days.

So, now get to know the customer feedbacks, which are crucial to define the site’s legitimacy. Always check reviews on genuine platforms.

The Reviews:

After searching, we found customer feedbacks on the trusted site, and there are many negative reviews. The customers have rated the site 1 to 2 stars, and the average rating is 1.3 out of 5, which is very low.

Customers responded and warned others not to buy products from and mentioned the site is a scam, terrible products, terrible service. All the reviews are negative, and hence we don’t recommend this site for shopping.

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After discussing Reviews, we can conclude the site is not safe for shopping as the site has much negative feedback better to stay away from such scam sites. is a scam site. Further you can know about the legitimacy    before making purchase.

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24 thoughts on “ Reviews {March 2022} Is It Safe Or Scam Site?

  1. I received a portable electric fire from buy-tech which they claimed the original price was £110.00, with a promotional price of £59.95. Once I had received the fire I realised it was exactly the same as the fire advertised on other sites at only £20.00. So I have asked for a refund but have had no response from buy-tech. Can any one help in getting my money back, I paid on my credit card.

    1. Hello Mrs JudithMcShane, Did you send a mail? Do you want to return the product? Please check policy details, if mentioned on their site. If you are not getting any response, please check with the payment company. They will better help you. Let us know the details. Take care. Be alert and cautious. Thanks.

      1. This company is not legitimate. I sent many emails to them for return address to no avail. The robotic vacuum cleaner does not operate. I want refund. Does anyone have return address?
        Please help.
        P. Knapp

  2. I ordered two fit2go watches from Buy-tech. The reviews I checked didnt show bad reviews but, they were obviously fake reviews. I found out sftet pur hase that buy-tech is a scam and not a legitimate company. How can i get my money back? I purchased with my checking accout debit card. How can i report tbis and get this company off the internet?

    1. Hello Corie van auken, We feel sad and much disappointing. The buyers pay from the pocket and have to deal with such incidents. You should check with your bank if they can help you anymore. Please check the reviews of the portals before any purchase, it will help you to stay away if doubtful. Check with them, let us know. Be alert and careful. Thanks.

  3. I’ve recently bought 2 space heaters from……….and to be honest with you,a total rip off.They are called Orbis Heaters,but there is no mention of that on the packaging.They are supposed to heat up a room in 2 minutes… chance;a broom cupboard…..maybe!Stay well clear of Buy-Tech……..they are scammers!

    1. Hello ALAN DAVID STEVENS, Thanks for the information. How much did you invest? They offer attractive prices, earn money and provide low-quality products. Buyers, be aware, don’t buy from them anymore. Stay away and alert. Be cautious. Thanks.

  4. Wow, I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone!! I bought 2-Astro C-3 Robot vacuums. What a joke and no one to answer for returns. Please don’t tell me to be alert and careful, just give me an address to return them. They are a piece of junk and there’s no way they even work. Light as a feather and nothing to plug them in to. I charged these and really learned a good lesson after this. What a joke and I spent $166.91. All I want to do is return these. Please be helpful and send me an address to send them to and get a refund.

  5. I am wanting to return a product to, but am unable to find a return address. Would you be able to assist me?

  6. This company is not legitimate. I sent many emails to them for return address to no avail. The robotic vacuum cleaner does not operate. I want refund. Does anyone have return address?
    Please help.
    P. Knapp

  7. I ordered some robotic vacuums for xmas presents, that came on 8/1/2022. I am not happy with the performance of the one I tried. I emailed them asking for return/refund details and have not heard back to date. Does anyone know what I can do from here? Thanks

  8. I ordered an Orbis heater in November, the first time I used it it got so hot and nearly caught fire I stopped using it as it is dangerous and applied for a full refund, several other requests including a notices of taking legal proceedings brought no reply at all. As a last resort I sent an e mail in Spanish, a few days later came a notice of full refund and it is now back in my account.
    I don’t know what triggered the refund I am just grateful.

    B C Leonard

    1. Hello B Leonard, thanks for the update. If it is dangerous, buyers must be aware of it. It can be suggested to be careful and alert. It is good you received a refund. Buyers check the above feedback and stay away. Take care. Thanks & regards.

    2. What email address did you send your request for refund to? What information did you include beyond the Order#, date of purchase, amount of purchase? I am looking to return a product from them and will be asking for a refund and I am running into a lot of “dead ends” and “road blocks”.
      Please lmk to streamline my effort. THANK YOU.

  9. Please do not buy from this site, it’s fake. They sent me a faulty product and never replaced or returned. No one contacts you , I kept sending emails . The product was £56 .

  10. Do not buy from this company. Poor products and falsely advertised. Customer service is poor and trying to get a refund is difficult despite what their policy states.
    Also, the company is based in China not Spain which means it’s very costly to return your purchased item. Complete scam. Keep away from these and purchase items from a more reliable source.

    1. What email address did you send your request for refund to? What information did you include beyond the Order#, date of purchase, amount of purchase? I am looking to return a product from them and will be asking for a refund and I am running into a lot of “dead ends” and “road blocks”.
      Please lmk to streamline my effort. THANK YOU.

  11. We purchased a robo vac from Buy Tech after I read reviews on what I now suspect is a sham consumer review site. We received our tiny tiny vac with its match box sized dust bin which does very little other than spins in circles demonically . I asked for a refund at which point I was told to not bother but accept a 25% refund. When I pushed they increased to 35 % and explained that I’d have to pay for postage to return and they would also deduct 15% for their handling costs!!!
    We still do not have a refund, they are very difficult to deal with and reluctant to admit that their product is just crap. They are not operating within Australian consumer laws and I am reporting them to consumer affairs.

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