Butilot Reviews {Aug 2022} Is This A Legit Site Or Not?

The article Butilot Reviews provides a detailed analysis of the website along with the technical details to prove its legitimacy.

Do you believe we live in a world where outer clothing completes the man? Do you know that dressing up is like an art that reflects the inner self of the persona and portrays one’s personality? So, in such a case, we must choose the proper and correct clothing for ourselves. In the United States, people are switching to online shopping, which has led to the creation of so many websites. So we will be analyzing Butilot Reviews.

The Butilot shop

They started their journey in 2017 and have been selling quality products to their customers since then. Their main objective is to provide a quality product at an affordable price. They have not considered the competition around them. Their hot-selling products are

  • Handmade retro bags:
  • messenger bag in style
  • .Shoulder bag
  • Large capacity multi-usage bag
  • tote 
  • coin purses,
  • mini shoulder bags, and 
  • pen & pencil cases.
  • Women’s pouch,
  • backpack
  • Leather bags and vegan bags
  • Toiletry bag set:
  • Fashionable bags


It is essential to analyze Is Butilot Legit. Because hundreds of new websites have emerged daily, we couldn’t assure their legitimacy just by seeing their external appearance. Precautionary steps have to be taken before buying products from the internet.

  • Customers can buy at: https://butilot.com/.
  • Email address: butilot@hotmail.com
  • Telephone number: they haven’t provided the contact number details 
  • Contact address: they haven’t provided the contact address details 
  • Social media activity: they are inactive on social media; we couldn’t find any accounts related to the butilot  website 
  • Content originality: most of the content is seem to be original.
  • Customer reviews: Butilot Reviews are not available on their official website 
  • Privacy policy: they have upheld their policies according to the privacy laws of the country, and they have provided precise policy details.
  • Shipping Policy: depending on the customer’s location, the delivery time varies from 1 to 3 weeks, and the delivery charges also vary depending on the location.
  • Return policy: they have maximum of 14 days to return the product. If the provided time elapsed, the customers couldn’t start their returning process. 
  • Refund policy: the eligible returned product will get its refund.
  • Payment options: it is not provided 

Butilot Reviews are unavailable, and the website doesn’t look like an authenticated professional, so it needs a mandated observation.

Positive aspects

  • To encourage the new users, they announced a 10 % offer for all purchases made by the new users.
  • A detailed privacy policy and the provisions of the state’s law are being provided.

Negative aspects

  • Unrealistic offers for most of the products
  • There is no proper product description for the products
  • The website doesn’t seem like a professional one; it lacks to provide much information
  • There are no free delivery charges for any purchases.

Legitimacy assessment of the Butilot website

Is Butilot Legit? To provide the answer to this question, we need a comprehensive analysis. This type of analysis helps us to find legitimate and illicit websites quickly. The following test performs the legitimacy assessment of the website.

  • Domain expiry date: the butilot website will expire on 27/05/2023. Meagre expectancy life 
  • Domain age: the butilot website was created on 27/05/2022. So the age of the domain is less than 3 months 
  • Registrar’s name:  website was registered under Alibaba cloud computing limited 
  • Data safety: HTTP is detected to ensure the data encryption of the customer’s data 
  • Trust index of the website: it has scored only one per cent 
  • Butilot Reviews: customer reviews are absent and unattainable 
  • SEO Score of the website: 55%
  • Alexa ranking: not available
  • Plagiarism content:  4 %
  • Missing information: company name, phone number, contact address 

Summary of Reviews

They have announced a massive offer for all the products, but we couldn’t find any single comment or review regarding the products of Butilot. Moreover, they have categorized certain products as hot sellers. 

Even in the most popular products, no customers have left a review. So this butilot website doesn’t seem like a legit one. Readers can check out this helpful article. Credit Card Scams


The article Butilot Reviews provided a detailed explanation of the website. We found out that the website might not be legit because it has secured a very low trust score, and the website’s domain name is linked to more countries, which were used by many fraudulent websites. 

And there are no clues that people bought their products. So, people have to more careful while buying products from the website. Readers can also read about Paypal Scam details.  For more information. 

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