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This article shares a complete guide on Business Tax Extension Deadline 2022 and the previous deadline for tax forms. Follow our blog for the latest updates.  

Hello the citizens of America, Finally, the day has emerged when Americans have to pay taxes. And we guess most of them are already busy rushing here and there to file their returns. Isn’t it? In the United States, about 15 to 20 million people file their returns each year.

As per our latest updates, the IRS has extended the dates of filing of taxes due to COVID. While most Americans are not aware of the Business Tax Extension Deadline 2022? We have discussed it in this article. To know more, read the article below.

What’s the Deadline Of Filing Tax Returns?

If you are yet to file your tax returns and lack sufficient time to do so, it’s good news. By looking into the pandemic situation, the IRS has decided to extend the dates of the filing of the tax.

So the last date of filing the tax for the citizens of America has been extended to October 17, 2022. So people are exactly getting an extra period ranging to six months. Many of us have this question: What If I Miss The Tax Deadline 2022?

So if you are also among those who procrastinate to file their tax till the last date, you wil be penalized by the IRS officers, which would be a lump-sum amount. So don’t procrastinate to file your tax this time.

Actual Deadline Of Filing Tax Return 2022:

The actual date of filing the tax returns this year was April 15, 2022. But as April 15 comes under the holiday list of Americans, So the IRS has decided to fix the date to April 18. But those who lacked sufficient time to file their tax return might have surely gotten relief after the news of the date extension till October 17.

 As per the information, the Business Tax Extension Deadline 2022 Form might have been up to October 15, but the 15th is a Saturday. So the Americans will get an extra 2days until October 17 to file their Tax Forms.       

But for, the residents of Massachusetts will be given an extra day till April 19 as they consider April 18 as their day of Patriot. But note that while you are getting a date extension doesn’t mean that you get an extension on paying the tax to the IRS. And if you fail to file the tax form, you will be penalized with some lump-sum amount you need to pay to the IRS.

How To Get A Business Tax Extension Deadline 2022?

Suppose you want an extension on the deadlines. All you need is to request the IRS for the extension. You might also get to fill out some IRS forms before requesting a date extension. But mostly, the date extension happens automatically. To get detailed information on tax filing date extension, click on this link.  

Closing Statement:

 People should not procrastinate till the last date of filing their tax forms.The above article covers an entire detail on Business Tax Extension Deadline 2022 and detail on the previous date of filing the tax forms as the news might have relieved the taxpayers.

Do you also procrastinate to file the tax form till the last date? Share your opinions.

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