Burleigh Pavilion Reviews {Dec} Get Rating, Event Detail

This article describes a luxury beachside restaurant and the user’s review about the restaurant’s packages and services. Read on Burleigh Pavilion Reviews.

Are you someone looking for an exotic holiday destination? If yes, you are at the right article to know more about the topic. People are planning to travel after the relaxation of travel restriction implemented due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The local people and officials associated with tourism in Australia are excited about the foreign traveler’s urge to visit mesmerizing locations that eventually promote tourism in the country. Continue reading this article until the end to know about Burleigh Pavilion Reviews.

About Burleigh Pavilion

Burleigh Pavilion is a beachfront restaurant that provides visitors with an opportunity to witness a stunning panoramic view of the famous Burleigh beach while having the delicious recipes available on the restaurant menu.

 Burleigh Pavilion also provides various events such as engagement parties, welcome receptions, cooperative functions and wedding parties. The event package with all relevant information is available on the official website, and you can book the events accordingly. Every event chosen is guided by an expert event coordinator whose service and assistance helps the customers to choose among the packages available.

Burleigh Pavilion Reviews

  • The customers who have accessed the event packages have mixed reviews about the value of packages and their services.
  • TripAdvisor website users have given a rating of 3/10 for the restaurant. The total number of participants was two-hundred. This rating consisted of 3.5/5 for food, 4/5 for the service provided and 3/5 for the value of the package.
  • The Google users have provided 3.7/10 ratings for the package, food and service provided by Burleigh Pavilion. One thousand three hundred seventy-nine google users submitted this rating.

Event Packages provided by Burleigh Pavilion

  • The Tropic Space: According to Burleigh Pavilion Reviews, this package lets the user celebrate various memorable occasions such as engagement, holiday party, birthday, corporate events etc. The seated capacity of this event is 220, including the terrace and the cocktail capacity is 300, including the terrace. There are also three subcategories: standard, classic, and premium packages.
  • Full Venue: This package has a seating capacity of 500 people. This package also has three subcategories like standard, classic and premium packages. This package provides attractive food stations, finger foods, and substantial items. The products outside the package need to be purchased by paying an additional amount. Read more about Burleigh Pavilion Reviews.
  • Unique Location: The company provides unique locations facing the beautiful sea view. Book the events by submitting an “Event Enquiry Form”. The user can also submit additional facilities required on the form. 
  • The number of guests, preferred date, arrival time, occasion, and additional information needs to be submitted for the event managers to arrange the event properly.


Event packages are one of the attractive programs provided by luxury restaurants to attract foreign travelers and tourists. Packages also provide tourists with different options. To know more about this topic, please visit

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