Buppilo Reviews {April} Read If It Is A Scam Website!

Buppilo Online Website Reviews
The motive of the article was to give you broad information on Buppilo Reviews. It was designed to help you gain knowledge and receive the correct details.

What is Buppilo? Buppilo is a newly created online shopping site located in the United Kingdom. If you’re someone who loves to shop online, you’ve ended up at the right place. This is an ECommerce website selling products online. It also sells other items such as pet supplies, houseware, shoes, accessories, and sports. 

You can go and read Buppilo Reviews. Their wide range of collections gives the customers a great choice. To know more about the website, kindly read below.

Brief of Buppilo Reviews

Buppilo has a variety of beautiful and fashionable clothes which will make you look unique and charming. The website is an all one where you can find various items as per one’s daily needs. They offer free shipping to some extent. Some of the items sold by the shop are mentioned down below:

  • Houseware
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Dog supplies
  • Clothing
  • Sports and outdoors

Another primary concern we might have about the website can be Is Buppilo Legit? Although, this shop has a very chic and elegant collection of clothes depending on the customers’ style. Further, We will discuss its features below.

Features of Buppilo Reviews

  • You can purchase a shirt from the website through this link https://www.buppilo.com/.
  • Email address: support@buppilo.com
  • Location: The shop is located on the 1st Floor of Beaconsfield A355 Windsor Drive, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England, HP9 2SE
  • Office Number: 447723598988
  • Return Policy: Customers can apply for a return within 14 days of purchase. The money is refunded within some days.
  • Cancellation policy: The order can be cancelled only if it has not been shipped or within 12 hours.
  • Some positive Buppilo Reviews are found on the store’s website. But no online review website has shown such reviews
  • Payment options: The website offers various modes of payment such as visa,paypal, discover etc.

Positive highlights

  • Various modes of payment are available, making it easy for the customer to pay.
  • 24/7 service is offered.
  • Essential information like email, address and phone number are available.
  • Delivers all over the world.
  • A lot of pictures of the products were available.

Negative highlights

  • There was no identity found about the owner of the website.
  • There were reviews on the official site, but these cannot be trusted as no online store shared such ratings.

Is Buppilo Legit?

It is essential to ensure that the website is not a scam, as, in today’s time, many customers get fooled by fake websites. We have given down some details about the website to assure you about the legitimacy of the shop.

  • Website Registration: The website was registered on 29 December 2021, which means it is four months old.
  • Social Media Handles: There are no social handles found on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc., which indicates that the shop is not quite popular, considering these are the only platforms where they get into power
  • Buyer’s Review:  There were few positive Buppilo Reviews found on the website. But these cannot be trusted as no online site has shown interest in their products.
  • Privacy policy: The detailed policies such as refund, shipping, privacy, etc., are mentioned which shows that the website is responsible for its work.
  • Missing information: There was no information available regarding the shop owner, whereas essential details like address, telephone number and email were found.
  • Trust Score: Buppilo has a 1% trust score, which is disturbing and makes it hard to trust the site. Hence, we cannot trust it.

Buppilo Reviews

Buppilo has provided us with necessary information like the email address, telephone number, etc. They are not available on social media, making us lose interest in the shop. There was no information available about the shop owner, which might be suspicious.

Furthermore, many eye-catching reviews were found on the website, but no feedback was found anywhere online. So, we cannot trust these reviews as they could manipulate the buyers. The buyers are advised to check their details on credit card scams to avoid online scams.

Final summary

According to Buppilo Reviews, we have found that the life expectancy and trust score is poor, which is unfavourable and untrustworthy, which shows that the life expectancy of this site is short. Hence we do not recommend this shop. You can click this link to learn about Shirt

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