Buno Store Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?

This article contains honest Buno Store Reviews about the ecommerce portal that offers shoes on it.

Do you want to find out about Buno Store? If yes, then check out this article.

These days everybody wants to flaunt a stylish look regardless of the season. The winter footwear comes with limited options for both men and women, but no worries, as today we will be introducing you to Buno Store that claims to hold the most exclusive collection of winter boots. 

People of the United States are keen to know about this e-store, so, without wasting any time, let’s get into these Buno Store Reviews to learn about its trustworthiness.

What is Buno Store?

According to recent studies and the website’s introduction page, it is an international shoe store that offers an exclusive collection of shoes for kids, men, and women. Moreover, the website is offering unrealistic offers on its available footwear collection where it is attracting shoppers by offering low prices. 

Besides that, the website has only limited products on it, and the site’s user interface is also poorly designed as no information is available regarding the offered products.

Thus, people are suggesting checking Is Buno Store Legit or not.

What are the features of Buno Store?

  • Website’s homepage URL- https://www.bunostore.com/
  • Items- shoes and boots
  • Newsletter- mentioned 
  • Social media- available 
  • Contact number- support@bunostore.com
  • Company address- 8898 E 105TH LOS ANGELES 90002- 3406 US
  • Domain registration date-21/10/2021
  • Shipping fee- free shipping on orders over $59
  • Shipping period- under 60 days worldwide 
  • Return period- within 30 days 
  • Refund validity- within a certain amount of days 
  • Payment mode- VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal

Before reaching any conclusion, must verify the website’s actual intentions in these Buno Store Reviews.

What are the positive features of ordering from Buno Store?

  • The site is HTTPS secured.
  • It has free shipping on orders over $59.
  • It carries complete contact details on it.
  • It has a sale on its collections where people can save big money.
  • The site delivers worldwide, including places like the United States

What are the negative features of ordering from Buno Store?

  • There are no shopper’s feedbacks published on the official portal.
  • The social media links were found useless.
  • It is taking forever to deliver one item. 
  • The domain is recently established.

Is Buno Store Legit?

According to our investigation, we have managed to gather some information that will help you analyze the website’s authenticity. So, if you are also waiting to learn about the legitimacy of the e-store, then you are at the page. 

Kindly refer to the below-mentioned information.

  • Alexa rank- There are no Alexa rank reports available on the internet. 
  • Social media- the specified social media links are worthless as they take you to the main page of the respective social media platform. 
  • Shopper’s reviews- As per the current analysis, no shopper’s Buno Store Reviews are mentioned on the official site and the reviewing portals.
  • Domain creation date- the website’s domain is less than a month old as it was created on 21/10/2021.
  • Domain expiration dates- The website’s domain name will expire on 21/10/2022. 
  • Trust index- the website’s trust rank is 39.3/100.
  • Trust score- the site has gained a low trust score that is 1% only. 
  • Content quality- The website’s content quality is also low as it falls short in providing useful information.  
  • Address originality- the declared location is invalid. 
  • Unrealistic offers- the site sells its items at unrealistic prices as it provides massive discounts on its entire collection. 

What are the shoppers’ Buno Store Reviews?

Customer reviews play an important role in analyzing the website’s legitimacy. The study found that the official website does not hold any customer feedback; neither are there any remarks available on the external links nor any reviews obtained from the social media portals. 

Therefore, the Buno Store has not received any feedback from its shoppers.

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The Bottom Line  

In conclusion, we do not suggest anybody place an order on the website for any of its shoes  as the website seems a bit shady to us. Similarly, there is no customers’ Buno Store Reviews published on the official portal, and the website’s domain was created only a month ago. 

Therefore, it is recommended to verify all the available criteria before reaching any final verdict.  

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What are your views about the legitimacy of this website? Please share below.

55 thoughts on “Buno Store Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?”

  1. Please don’t order from this site. I was on a FB thread and called out the Buno shoe company and warned others with info I obtained from their own site! And they’ve blocked me from commenting. You won’t get the shoe for up to 45 days per their website. So how could they be based in CA? And there’s’s no contact number and they have typos on their website!! Buyer beware.

    • Hello Vanessa, Thanks for the update. You did right by spreading awareness among the buyers. This made so many buyers save their money and far from headache. If they are not available for communication, they are scammers for sure. Please all go through this comment to know about it. Stay away and be alert. Take care.

      • Unfortunately I learned the hard way as well. Placed a order yesterday evening, and received a confirmation email, with my order details. Next I tried access the website to check on the processing, and the website cannot be accessed.

    • Hello Susan Breeden, Yes, correct. Facebook should take action and ban such websites. This will help the buyer to save the money. Ads should be cross verified before it gets uploaded. Measure actions to be taken. Thanks.

    • Hello Julie DeBellis, Did you receive any tracking number to trace? See, you can get the details. You can reach the bank, they can better help you. Please update, so the buyers will get directions. Take care.

  2. I’ve learned the hard way not to order anything advertised on Facebook before checking company reviews. Pinterest is just as bad. They allow anyone to advertise their fraudulent companies on their sites. They should be protecting their customers. Out of the tons of companies I’ve checked 99.9% of them are not a legitimate company. I can’t thank you companies that investigate these horrible people that are just out to take peoples hard earned money. It has saved me many many times. Just remember no matter how awesome the product seems never ever buy anything without checking into the company first. I promise it will save you a lot of money and grief!!!

    • Hello Von, We totally agree with you. Such scammers are much smarter and they handle cases without any fear. The buyers are losing money day by day and trying to find the way. It is highly advisable to the valued buyers, please check with familiar portals and then proceed. It will be safer. Be cautious and take care.

    • DONOT buy from this company!!!
      It is a scam !I purchased a buttery soft wool lined boot but received a boot made of linoleum carpet lined.Do not buy from this company.!!!! It is not located in Los Angeles it comes from China.. I am STILL fighting to get my money back….This is a scam DO NOT fall for it!!!

      • Hello Von, Thanks for the update. Buyers keep checking the portal reviews for confirmation. It will help you to know whether they are real or not. The scammers are smart and they can cheat the buyers anyhow. So stay alert and aware. Please let us know if you get your money back. Take care.

  3. I thought i crossed every T with Buno. I received the tracking number via email, however, when I tried to track my package I was not able to find it on any postage website. I emailed the company and they said my package was “waitlisted” and I will receive it anywhere from 15-40 days!!! I asked to cancel the order and of coarse was told that the time had passed for cancelation. Furthermore I was told that it was basically my fault for not paying attention to their policy! I know I read through their shipping policy because I was skeptical in the first place. There must have been something sneaky in fine print somewhere that I missed. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY! I can’t stand how people can get away with this. Of coarse the money was taken out of my account the day I placed my order so we know where their priorities are. Facebook for allowing bogas companies to take advantage of people! It’s basically stealing. They have my money and I have no idea if i’ll ever receive my boots.

  4. I have not received my boots. I have an order number and a tracking number that doesnt work. When i try to return the email it says its not noticed . How do i cancel my order

    • Hello Carol ne,son, When did you place an order? Please check with the policies on their portal. If you find nothing, directly check with payment company for a refund. It will be a better option to get money back and save money. Please check other reviews for more updates. Thanks in advance. Take care.

  5. I reported this company to my bank. Never received item and the website was taken down. They are now operating on facebook under different names……same boots.

    • Hello Kimberly D Drozdz, Thanks for the valuable information. It feels bad to hear, they are doing such frauds. People get trapped and no as such better option for this as well. The fraudulent should be caught and proper action must be taken. They are using different sites and cheat altogether. Did you try for a refund? Please do it. This is a better option for the buyers. Please let us know. Take care.

  6. I received my boots and they are terrible. These are not real leather as they indicate on the site. They came with a highly toxic chemical smell and the opening at the top of the boot is so narrowly cut that I cannot even get my foot inside and I have a small narrow foot. The strings that were provided to tie them with are so thin and plastic, that they will never hold up they will break easily. The way they were shipped were not even in a box they were wrapped and taped up in a plastic bag. Which was ripped when I received them.

    I have asked for a refund I hope I get it back.

    • Hello Carla L Nieto, most of them never received their order. You received it, but it’s not of quality. So, the overall study of reviews suggests it is good if you stay away from them. How much money do you put in to purchase? It is good you asked for a refund. Please update, if you receive it. Thanks & regards. Take care.

    • I had the same exact thing happen to me!! Can’t even get my foot in the opening to try them on. They’re not real leather. Very poorly made and have an awful smell. There was even a little apricot scent packet inside so you know they’re trying to hide that smell. I tried contacting them and they said everything this custom made so no refunds. I emailed them a second time and they said no refunds and that they’ve changed their return policy. I’m reporting them and I’m contacting PayPal to try to get a refund as well. ~Shanna

  7. Good morning. I am currently disputing for my recent order. I ordered two pairs of boots on Thanksgiving day. They looked very nice on the website. After placing the order I started to get worried because I had not checked reviews , I normally do. I immediately contacted the company letting them know my concerns and they Emailed back reassuring me that they are a legit company and that I will receive the boots. Three weeks later I received the boots. I was literally in shock at how poor these boots were made. It looks like someone literally made them at home with the cheapest materials they could find and they have a very strong chemical smell. The boots seen on the website look nothing like the ones I received. I take that back , they resemble the boots but are made very cheaply and smell bad. The return address on the bag says LAX. At this point I’m going to call it a loss. I paid 133$ I just wanted to warn everyone about this company and I believe they are using a different name on the Facebook advertisement. The name that they used when i purchased waw Buno..DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE!!! You will be sorry!

    • Hello Gina Fregoso, thanks for the valuable information. We feel bad, hearing such incidents. The buyers have to struggle all the way and suffer. They showcase it as well through advertisements and provide low-quality products. You invested a huge amount. Did you try for a refund/ exchange? Please drop the update. Be aware every time. Take care.

  8. Made the mistake of ordering from this company. Believed the website that said they were located in CA. When my order didn’t show up I realized it was a lie. When I posted a comment on facebook, I was immediately blocked by seller. Fearing the worst, I requested that my order be cancelled and a refund issued as it hadn’t been shipped. Customer service for company told me that orders can only be cancelled within 6 hours of placement. What? Also, URL has been disabled so it’s impossible to verify return policy or any information. Opened a dispute with Paypal. Meanwhile, boots finally arrived but are nothing like photos or description. They were supposed to be waterproof pebbled leather with a wool lining. They are cheap looking vinyl with thin, fake sherpa material glued to back. Navy color is actually bright Crayola blue. Horrible! I would never have bought something so cheap and tacky at any price. Facebook has also now deleted all content pertaining to the ad so I can’t see it, even though I saved it. Am hoping that Paypal will come through. If not, I’ll dispute the charge through Amex. I’m happy to return this garbage to the seller.

    • Hello Danielle Geiser, Thanks for such valuable information. You kept proper track to get the product, received but it is of low quality. Above message makes it clear, they are total scammers. Buyers, go for the genuine portals. It is advisable to all, make sure you purchase from the right portals. Please update us, if you get any response from PayPal. Thanks. Take care.


    • Hello Nicole Anderson, thanks for the detailed message. Many of them dropped the same review and it shows they just showcase as good and dispatch the other one. So, buyers stay away from them. Stay updated. Take care. Thanks.

  10. Sorry to say I fell for this scam. Ordered boots and received one month later. The boots are nothing like the pictures and description on the website – they are cheap, cheap, cheap plastic and the “wool” lining is like a couple of layers of Kleenex. When I contacted “Customer Support” requesting information in order to return them for a refund (without including any reason or critique of the product) I received a poorly translated response saying that they cannot be responsible for their manufacturers goods and refunds can can only be made on orders canceled within 6 hours of placing the order. I feel like a fool for falling for this and not investigating the site before ordering. I told them I was reporting them to my Better Business Bureau. Lesson well learned on my part!

    • Hello Donna Spencer, feel disappointed. They keep such criteria, somehow products should be of quality. Such less period for a refund. It’s just a way to run away from the buyer’s needs. Appropriate actions must be taken. Stay away. Thanks.

  11. This place is a joke, the boots they sent are like cardboard covered In Pleather. Not at all what was advertised now saying refund only good for except30 days from purchase date When it took over 45 day to receive the crap!!!! I’ll keep fighting

  12. Took forever to get the shoes and when I did they were too small and very cheaply made. There return policy is not good so I’m out almost $100.00 for two pairs of shoes I’ll NEVER wear.

    • Hi Kim, How are you? We are really sorry to know, about the scam you have faced. Please this is advice that go and look for a refund of your $100 from your payment partner. Do post the progress about this. Take care.

  13. All these customer posts are right on the money. This Buno Store & other online sites like them are scams & a waste of your money. Facebook should be ashamed for not checking them out before allowing them n the FB site. The products are not how they are describe & basically inferior. Although they say they have a limited return & exchange policy- that’s a lie. They only take back product if THEY agree it’s defective. Just a SCAM.

    • Hello Brienda Hollenbeck, yes, you said it right. Such sites must be banned by Facebook by making prior checks about the portals. People keep blind faith and they do transactions. At last, they get disappointed. So, a prior check with the reviews is a must. Keep updating. Thanks.

  14. Do NOT order from this organization – products are cheap, poorly made and take forever to receive. THEN, if you are not satisfied, there are NO refunds. (“Cancellation and refunds only occur when the customer changes his mind within 6 hours of placing the order, or the order has not been sent to the factory.)
    My order (boots) were supposed to be waterproof, soft leather with wool lining – none of that description was delivered . They are awful and cheapO!!!
    What a waste of money.

    • Hello Peggy Brennan, Thanks for the information. As many of the buyers have mentioned products are not of good quality. Their policies are not up to the mark. So stay away from them. Be careful. Take care.

  15. I ordered red boots from Buno that was advertised as genuine leather, after 45 days I received cheap plastic boots with nothing attached to tell you what materials were used. I am so over ordering item that’s coming from out of the country that are inferior with false advertising, and the return process is almost non-existing. American consumers are being taken advantage of by these pop up Asian companies.

    • Hello Mjhack, Did you try to reach them through the mail? Nowadays, they are using such tricks to cheat buyers and earn money easily without any hard work. No one bothers about the customers. So buyers, be aware and alert. Before any online transactions, please go through the reviews of other buyers. It will help to get a clear idea. Take care. Thanks.

  16. total scam! boots took over 4 weeks to arrive – they are CRAP – they stink – there is no way they’re leather. Their “return policy” is that they don’t accept any responsibility for your dissatisfaction and will not take anything back. Facebook should do something about these companies that they allow to post on their platform…unfortunately this is not the only bad seller i’ve encountered in my FB feed, but it will be the last one I order from.

    • Hello K D Wirth, Thanks for the valuable update. Nowadays, such incidents are taking place and buyers have to suffer. Yes, you said it right, somewhere this should be stopped and proper action to be taken against them. Hope buyers will get justice. Be careful. Thanks.

  17. Hello, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! Your merchandise will not be as pictured. Took 45 days for me to receive merchandise and then is was some cheap plastic, material. Shoe was so hard felt worse than my steeltoe work shoes. And I’m probably out of my money and stuck with their mess. Please beware of the online name brand prices TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! This BUNO STORE is a NO NO!

    • Hello VP, Thanks for the information. Feel bad as buyers are receiving products of no quality. Investing huge money and at last, buyers have to face disappointment. Do they have any exchange policy? Few portals offer discount prices and products are not up to the mark. Buyers, be sure and confirm the genuineness before any transaction. Thanks.

  18. I got my order today after 4 weeks. I am very happy. They are very nice. I don’t care where it come from but mine says come from KY .

    • Hello Rohshana Plunkett, it’s nice you received your order after a long gap. How did you try to receive it? Most of the buyers have not received their orders to date. So, it will be helpful, if you update the details. Still, it’s desirable to check the details before you proceed with any online transaction. Thanks. Take care.

  19. Good day,

    I places an order with Buno and received very low quality boots that were damaged and the wrong color. After several emails with their customer service, it was apparent that I was wasting my time. They now have my money, and I have trash-worthy shoes. I am posting this review in the hopes that it will prevent the same situation from happening to someone else. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to share my thoughts and experience.

    • Hello Leigh DeLoach, Thanks for the valuable information. It will spread awareness amongst the buyers. It is highly advisable, don’t trust this portal and stay away. We are much thankful you shared your experience. Take care. Thanks.

  20. I also ordered these boots. They are cheap boots. Such horrible workmanship. They don’t allow returns. I contacted them and said no returns. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY.

  21. Do not purchase from this store. I ordered boots for my wife and they arrived (pretty late) and were too small for the correct size, the color was misrepresented, and they were pretty cheap-looking. They did not come with a label to return. I contacted them about and return, and they said “Once the order has been completed and received by the carrier, we have no right to request cancellation of the order. Cancellation and refunds only occur when the customer changes his mind within 6 hours of placing the order, or the order has not been sent to the factory. ” and “In fact, even when we commit and cooperate with our manufacturers, quality control and assurance can sometimes be difficult, there are certain terms to which we commit to make us cannot “interfere” directly in the production steps of products, even the selection of raw materials. This may account for the order you were not satisfied with. The manufacturer only “accepts” the recall and refund in case the order is lost, wrong model, if the order does not fall into the above cases. If so, they will not be held responsible.”

    Bottom line, no refund. Waste of money.

  22. Received my “buttery soft” boots right before Christmas. They were made of ultra thin plastic that smelled like chemicals. The “fur” was also just a thin layer. No support at all. Contacted them for a return and the responded returns have to be within 6 HOURS!


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