Bugmd Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legitimate Website Or Not?

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By Marifilmines Team

This post on Bugmd Reviews will unveil all the website’s features, legitimacy, and positive and negative traits.

Are you tired of pests in your house? Do you want a safe method to get rid of pests? If yes, we will introduce you to the Bugmd store in the United States. Bugmd provides products for getting rid of bugs and problems. Their products are safe for use and highly effective.

We are sharing all the information necessary for the customers related to the website through Bugmd Reviews.


Bugmd is an online shopping website that provides practical solutions for pest problems. They do not include harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients which can affect adversely. They use natural ingredients and mother nature’s power to get rid of pests. Their formulas are effective and give long-lasting results from bugs. They aim to protect from pests while taking care of nature and contributing to sustainable development. The following are some of the products offered by Bugmd:

  • Essential pest concentrate
  • Clothes moth boss
  • Termination station
  • Flea+tick concentrate
  • Buzz shield
  • Cockroach catcher
  • No fly zone
  • Pest detect

Is Bugmd Legit? bugmd is an innovative website that provides excellent quality products. Their website is undoubtedly impressive. However, we need to be careful of online scams and frauds. Customers must protect their data from mysterious websites. Also, buyers need to take some basic steps to avoid fraud. This post will provide all the vital information about the website so buyers do not become victims of internet scams. 

Traits of Bugmd

  • URL: https://bugmd.com/
  • Email ID: support@getbugmd.com
  • Phone number: 949-502-0148
  • Location: The location of the store is not available on the website
  • Reviews: There are a lot of good Bugmd Reviews available on the shop’s official website.
  • Return policy: The company provides 45 days to  return the damaged or dissatisfied product
  • Refund policy: It will take 5 to 10 business days to transfer the refund to the original method of payment
  • Shipping Policy: The shipping policy of the shop is not provided
  • Payment Policy: Customers can use a credit card, paypal, google pay, or shop pay to make payments in the shop

Positive traits

  • The shop’s email address and phone number are available on the website.

Negative traits

  • The location and shipping policy of the shop is not available on the website.

Is Bugmd Legit?

Bugmd is a fantastic way of achieving a pest-free environment. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, which means they are safe for use by families. Also, their products are very effective, and their results are long-lasting. However, before customers hop on to this website, it is necessary to understand the basic information related to the website. Some of the information that can help the customers in deciding the legitimacy of the website are listed below:

  • Website formation: Bugmd was registered on 1st September 2016, which means this website is almost six years old.
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC was  the registrar of bugmd
  • Buyer’s feedback: Amazing Bugmd Reviews were found on the shop’s official website. Many people shared compliments on the website
  • Trust index: This website has an excellent trust score of 86%, which means this website has a low risk
  • Social media accounts: Bugmd is available on Facebook and Instagram
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Bugmd provides a satisfaction guarantee where customers can get a full refund within 30 days of product shipment on certain purchases.
  • Privacy policy: All the policies that are necessary for customers are mentioned on the official website
  • Missing information: The location and shipping policy of the shop are not available on the website.

Bugmd Reviews

Bugmd is an eminent website and has mentioned its phone number and email address. However, the location of the shop is not mentioned on the website. The reviews of the shop are fantastic on the official sites and mixed on the online sites. It also has good engagements. Many customers have shown their love and support for their products in the review section. People have awarded five stars to the products on the website. Also, buyers have mentioned how their products are safe for kids and pets. People seemed happy and satisfied with the shop’s services and said they would purchase more from them. Viewers can check out credit card scams through this post.

Final verdict

To summarize this content on Bugmd Reviews, we can conclude that bugmd is an old website with an excellent trust score. Also, the reviews of this website are excellent. This means that Bugmd can be trusted and can be legit. Buyers can inspect ways to avoid PayPal scammers.

Did this post help you in determining the legitimacy of the website? Please give your feedback in the comment section below. 

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