How to Enjoy a Budget Friendly Coastal Holiday

A coastal destination is a great holiday choice – especially Cornwall. It’s best known for being a seaside paradise, but there’s so much more to explore – even if you’re on a budget! If you’ve never visited before, make this year be your first time!

If you want a cheap holiday that’s packed with everything you could ever wish for, and more, use this guide to get you started!

Royal Cornwall Museum

If you’ve never visited Cornwall before, why not learn some of the history behind the beautiful county? By visiting the Royal Cornwall Museum you’ll be able to visit art and history exhibitions – perfect for aspiring artists!

This museum has over 200 years’ worth of history, and an adult’s annual pass is under £10! And not to mention, under 18s can enter for free, so everyone can enjoy – even on a budget!

Find the best pasty

It would be wrong to not try the famous Cornish pasty, so while you’re walking around the county, why not wander into the different pasty shops around? 

Walking is such a cost-effective way to get around and it’s definitely worth it to experience the Cornish views and to try the best food around!

You’ll more than likely see a few shops on your travels, but here’s some help in finding the best places to buy a Cornish pasty!

Is the sea for you?

The sea is a great way to experience Cornwall authentically, and for free! Why not take an early morning dip to enjoy the sunset and start your day off right? You can enjoy scenic views from the sea, like towering cliffs and creeks. 

There are so many ways to enjoy the sea – no matter who you are – you can find a sea activity to suit you! And even if you can’t swim, you can still enjoy the beautiful view by walking alongside it and listening to its soothing waves.

Try a geothermal soak

If Cornwall’s seas are too cold for you, why not try something on the opposite side of the spectrum?

In Penzance there is an open-air Jubilee Pool, which sits right beside the sea, so you can take in the views – just in the warmth instead! It’s an added bit of luxury, but for an inexpensive cost – certain tickets cost around £10 or under.

It’s an experience that you should try at least once, so why not make this the next thing to tick off your bucket list?

Yoga on the beach

To unwind after your travels, why not try doing this in a different location?

For free, you could practice without a teacher, which is great if you want a more peaceful session. However, there are a variety of yoga classes that you can access, for all abilities – it’s easy to find a reasonable price to suit you!

So, whether you want to start or end your day with a relaxation session, this will take your class to the next level, as you take in the scenic views!

With so many budget friendly activities to do on a Cornwall holiday, which activity will be first?

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