Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident {May} Shocking News!

This article, “Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident,” gives you detailed information about a recent accident in Bobcaygeon.

Are you aware that 2 million people die in their workplace every year? On May 10, a similar thing happened in Bobcaygeon, Canada. An accident occurred around 6.45 a.m. on May 10 at Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass, some 15 kilometers north of Bobcaygeon. 

According to Constable Joe Ayotte of the Peterborough County OPP, one man died at the scene, while another was transferred to a Toronto hospital. According to the preliminary investigation, the victims were stuck between two vehicles in the Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident.

The Full Bobcaygeon Accident Story

On Tuesday morning, at a buckhorn sand gravel quarry in Bobcaygeon, a fuel truck and another vehicle were involved in an accident. A few vehicles were engaged, but the situation was not a crash. According to Ayotte, one person died in a workplace industrial accident, while another was critically injured and sent to a Toronto hospital.

He also stated that they had called the Ministry of Labour to investigate it. The Ministry of Labour has arrived on the scene, along with their reconstructionists, to try to figure out what went wrong.

Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident: Investigation

The investigation is still underway. When an accident occurred, officials trying to figure out what occurred went wrong. Both victims are trapped in the vehicle due to the severity of the crash. They just used airlifts to get them out. As a result, the accident is extremely serious.

There is no additional information on the accident. The Peterborough County OPP and the Ministry of Labour are conducting an investigation. They are looking into what went wrong and the huge disaster that occurred. Ayotte stated that they will provide updates as new information about the “Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident.

 Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass

Buckhorn Sand & Gravel has been providing residential and commercial customers in Buckhorn and the surrounding area since 1963. their clients include homeowners, builders, landscaping companies, construction companies, developers, cities, municipalities, and townships. 

They offer a vast inventory of specialized equipment and machinery to handle any size or style of project, whether it’s a shoreline restoration or a whole property makeover.

For the past 50 years, they have provided homeowners and contractors with a complete selection of building and landscaping materials. These are some crucial details about Buckhorn Sand and Gravel Accident.

Final Thoughts 

According to this story, an accident occurred around 6.45 a.m. on May 10 at Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Bass, about 15 kilometers north of Bobcaygeon. A complaint of two unconscious people prompted Peterborough County Police to attend. 

One man died on the spot, while another took the other to a hospital in Toronto. This case is under investigation. We will keep you updated. For more information on Bobcaygeon, read this 

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