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Read Broadway Funny Girl Reviews, information about its tickets, shows, and the recent announcement about Brice leaving the show.

Did you hear the news about Fanny Brice leaving the Funny Girl show on Broadway? Did you know when the announcement was made? Why is Fanny Brice departing from the show? Who is going to replace her? What was the rating and reviews of Fanny Brice and Funny Girl show in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom?

Let’s check all the facts in Broadway Funny Girl Reviews below.

Funny Girl Reviews

Funny Girl is a musical show that will make you dance to enjoyable tunes! The show and the cast were reviewed and rated by the viewers. Fanny Brice gained mixed reviews. However, her reviews were less than stellar.

Critics think that the viewers had high expectations as the show had returned after almost six decades. Therefore, it would be difficult for the show to achieve all the expectations of its viewers. Some critics believe that the show missed this factor. Let’s learn more about the Funny Girl Broadway Tickets further.

Some critics pointed out that Fanny Brice was saucy, earthy, and physical. Hence, she was unlikely heroin for the current generation. But, other stars like Lynch and Jared Grimes were appreciated for their role and talent in the show.

About the recent announcement:

Fanny Brice is playing the role of Funny Girl on Broadway. The Funny Girl show had returned to the stage after 58 years. And the star cast was strong enough for the show to gain popularity.

On her Twitter post, she had mentioned that it was difficult to decide as the show, the production team, and the star cast were appreciable. 

Effects of Broadway Funny Girl Reviews:

On Sunday, 11th July 2022, Fanny Brice announced on Twitter that she would leave the show by the end of this July. Her post did not reveal the real cause of her decision. 

Her Twitter announcement made a piece of trending news that flooded search engines. Though her post did not show signs of dissatisfaction, some people anticipated that her decision came as she received mixed reviews. However, she said on Twitter that she decided to leave as the production team had decided to take the show in a different direction. This detail is taken from the online sources; we have not just presented the details.

Broadway Funny Girl Reviews on Replacement of Brice:

Many actors were on the list to replace her, and Lea Michele was announced to take over the role. Lea Michele is a strong and popular name, not new to the stage. She will start her role on 6th September 2022.


Overall, Funny Girl has a rating of 3.2/5 stars, with critics and viewers rating it at 3.2/5 start too. The tickets for Funny Girl are sold for $69. On 13th and 16 July, there is a show at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM; on 14th July, a show at 7:00 PM; on 15th July, a show at 8:00 PM; and on 17th July, at 7:00 PM.

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