Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax {Feb} Find What It Includes

Read the details of Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax, the content of the card pack, user feedback about the rarity of finding Urshifu Vmax cards in the pack.

The Pokémon TCG set was recently released in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The set contains twelve cards  in a single pack. The name of the package is Sword and Shield – Brilliant Stars. Many users had reported that they had purchased multiple sets of Brilliant Stars packs. They found that Urshifu was present in most of the Brilliant Stars packs. Let’s read more about Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax.


Pokémon TCG team admired the set as it will give the player more pull rates. However, as Urshifu is a Super Rare Character, it should not be present in the Brilliant Stars pack high numbers. The users also reported that Urshifu V and Urshifu VMAX were present in several Brilliant Stars packs they had bought.

Urshifu V and Urshifu VMAX are Super Rare characters with rapid and single strike forms. On the contrary, the standard Entei V character was not found in the Brilliant Stars pack. It means that the instance of Entei V getting included with Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax is less.

The users had reported that while playing with the Brilliant Stars pack, they had observed the Pull Rate Quest. But, it was nothing new, as stated by the Pokémon TCG team. It is winning, draw (or) loose as it usually happens.

Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards that can be pulled in the Reverse Holo included:

Super Rares Eleven Character cards:

  • Umbreon V & VMAX
  • Mimikyu V & VMAX 
  • Sylveon V & VMAX and more

Standard Character Cards, twelve in numbers that included: 

  • Vaporeon
  • Eevee
  • Jolteon
  • Flareon and more

Two Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax Black and Gold cards featured:

  • Rapid Strike and 
  • Single Strike

Complete Art Trainers five additional cards included

  • Gloria
  • Acerola’s Premonition and more

The first set comes with VSTAR included:

  • Whimsicott VSTAR
  • Charizard VSTAR
  • Shaymin VSTAR and 
  • Arceus VSTAR

The final set comes with VMAX includes:

  • Kingler
  • Aggron and 
  • Mimikyu cards in the main set.

Eleven Full Art Vs includes:

  • Charizard V
  • Pikachu V
  • Lumineon V
  • Raichu V
  • Whimsicott V
  • Granbull V
  • Honchkrow V
  • Flygon V
  • Zamazenta V
  • Arceus V and
  • Shaymin V

Four Alternate Arts includes:

  • Lumineon V
  • Charizard V
  • Arceus V and 
  • Honchkrow V

Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax pack included Six Full Art Trainers:

  • Cheren’s Care
  • Barry
  • Cynthia’s Ambition
  • Marnie’s Pride
  • Kindler
  • Roseanne’s Bacup

Eight Rainbow Rares includes:

  • All Trainers except Marnie’s Pride and Barry and 
  • includes VSTARs

Four Gold Secret Rare Pokémon includes: 

  • Galarian Zapdos V
  • Galarian Articuno V
  • Arceus VSTAR and 
  • Galarian Moltres V


Urshifu Vmax single strike and rapid strike cards are ultra-rare cards. The Urshifu has the ability of Cacophony. It is a water and fighting type pokemon. The player will access Urshifu in the dark (or) water tower. Both forms of Urshifu are powerful. The Brilliant Stars Urshifu Vmax card pack was released on 25th February. However, Booster Packs were available from 21st February.

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