Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon {Dec} How To Get It?

Gaming TIps Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon

Here in this article we will briefly read about Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon and where to find it.

Do you like to play pokemon games? And you are interested in knowing about different available pokemon. There are numerous people all around the world in countries like the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands who want to know about rare and unique species of pokes in the brilliant poke game.

There are various pokes like the Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon in the latest pokemon game. And everyone wants to lay their hands on these, so here in this particular article, we will be reading about the larvitar pokemon and how to catch it.

What Is Larvitar?

It is one of the most unique and also an old poke of the pokemon game series, it comes under the category of a rock shine poke, and it evolves into three stages the first stage is suicune and the next stage is larvitar and the next step of the Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon is the pupitar. And then in the last step when it reaches level fifty-five the pupitar evolves into the tyranitar. It takes almost thirty levels for the suicune to become the larvitar.

This poke also consists of various abilities and hidden talents and secrets. This particular poke is now available in the shining pearl game series. There are a few locations where this poke can be easily found, about which players are excited to know therefore we will read locations in detail further in this article. 

Abilities Of The Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon:

As we know that the most important thing about a poke is its abilities which makes it more special and demanding, so let us see some of the abilities of the larvitar poke.

  • Guts- the first and very special ability of this poke is gutted, by using this ability he can boost its attacking status.
  • Sand veil- it is a hidden ability, which allows the poke to boost his evasion in a sandstorm.

Where To Find The Larvitar Pokemon?

As everyone is very eager to catch this poke, so now let us read how we can catch Brilliant Diamond Larvitar Pokemon. There are certain locations where this poke can be easily located, but mainly there are three spawn locations where we can locate and catch this. It is said that the unevolved version can be found in the big bluff cavern region. And the other two spawns where we can locate and find this creature are route 207 and the rocky cave. 


Here in this very article, we have read about the larvitar pokemon and its special abilities. Not only this but we have also discussed the places where we can find the Brilliant Diamond Larvitar PokemonSo, this article provides all the essential details which a collector needs to know about this particular creature.  

Have you ever played the new pokemon series game? If yes then do let us know about your favorite pokemon.

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