Bravelybreak Com Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or Fake?

If you are searching for an online clothing site, we advise you to go through the Bravelybreak com Reviews, which will guide you thoroughly.

Everyone likes to do online shopping, as we all know. But how many of you know that there are risks to shopping online. Before buying, you need to go through some essential factors of the website, which tells if the website is safe or not. So, today we are reviewing a website.

Therefore, today’s website is a clothing site named Bravelybreak. They only offer women’s fashion, and people from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom are interested in learning about this website.

So, let’s not waste any time and go through the Bravelybreak com Reviews.

What Is Bravelybreak?

Bravelybreak is a women’s clothing site founded in the year 2021. They offer women’s dresses, tops, bottoms etc. They further claim that their products are made of the highest quality fabrics like cotton and linen. They claim that they also offer some men’s clothes, but none on the website.

Next, we will know about the specifications of the Bravelybreak website. So, let’s get into it.

Specifications of Bravelybreak

  • Products Offered- Women’s tops, dresses, bottoms etc.
  • Email Address- connect through
  • Domain Link- check the and know Is Bravelybreak com Legit.
  • Mode of Payment- The forms of payment are PayPal, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International etc.
  • Contact Number- not found.
  • Return Policy- The return timing for the products is within 30 days.
  • Refund Policy- Refund will be processed within a certain amount of days to the original payment method.
  • Exchange Policy-
  • Physical Address- not provided.
  • Newsletter- newsletter provided for getting updates.
  • Domain Age- Website was created on 2021/12/02
  • Delivery Timing- In the domestic area, products are shipped within 5-10 days, and international timing takes 7-15 days.

We will now discuss the positive and negative aspects of the Bravelybreak site, so check the Bravelybreak com Reviews.

Positive Aspects of Bravelybreak

  • The website is secured via HTTPS protocol and SSL integration.
  • Url name and Portal names are alike.
  • Email Id is mentioned on the website.

Negative Aspects of Bravelybreak

  • The website was created recently, which is not a positive sign.
  • The website doesn’t have a single social media account.
  • Customer Reviews are available only on their site and not found anywhere else.
  • Owner information on the website is not available.
  • Trust Score is meagre is also a negative sign.

Is Bravelybreak com Legit or Fake?

We will now discuss the legitimacy factors in-depth, which will help us decide whether this website is eligible. So, keep on reading further.

  • Alexa Rank- The website doesn’t have any Alexa Ranking.
  • Trust Score- Trust score is only 1% and not up to the mark.
  • Trust Rank-Trust Ranking is only 14.6% which is below average.
  • Website Establishment Date- This website was formed on 2021/12/02, which is very recent.
  • Expiration Date- Website will cease to exist on 2022/12/02.
  • Discounts- applied on their products.
  • Content Quality- check via Bravelybreak com Reviews and know 94% plagiarized found on their return& refund policy.
  • Policies- Policies are all provided.
  • Social Media Platform- Lack of social media presence.
  • Customer Feedback- Available only on their site.

Customers’ Reviews

This is the most crucial aspect of any website: the reviews. So, after checking, we have found some reviews only on their site, which are positive. But, no genuine reviews have been published yet on other trusted sites like Trustpilot or other places. And as they do not have social accounts, there are no reviews found.

So, if you have any questions or any suggestions regarding the website, you may comment in the box below in these Bravelybreak com Reviews.

And if you would have been scammed and want to know the process how to get a refund back via PayPal, check here.

The Bottom Line

Wrap-up, the Bravelybreak is an online clothing site that was created recently. It does not have social media presence, and we have found some reviews only on their site. There are no reviews available in other places.

Our final judgement is this website is suspicious and questionable. They have reviews, but we cannot analyze them based on a few reviews found on their site.

And, if you have any problems on how to get a refund back via credit card, check this post here in our Bravelybreak com Reviews.

14 thoughts on “Bravelybreak Com Reviews (March) Is This Legit Or Fake?”

  1. Thanks for your help. I was scammed on Facebook by a fake Yeti Ad and paid with PayPal. It was a nightmare to get it refunded! So I always try to go directly to companies website if something looks good. Your information warns me to be careful with this site and I really appreciate your help. Thanks

  2. They are a terrible co. They have many websites out but you can tell it’s them
    The clothes are cheap and small
    Terrible quality and when asked if I could return them they beat around the bush and then tell you to mail them to a china address that cost over a 200.00
    Do not buy from them

  3. I was also scammed by this mob. I purchased on thier instagram site a linen and cotton shirt and was sent a
    Cheap polyester shirt neither colours nor style was anything like what was advertised. The size was so small I couldn’t fit into it …the looked like hospital scrubs. I emailed them complaining they had sent the wrong top. They requested our order number and name and responded that I had indeed been sent the right top. I sent them photos of the fabric and top as proof they sent the incorrect item but have no heard since. I will be in touch with PayPal but sound like I will have trouble getting my money back

    • Hello Angie Sidhom, many of them expressed they received low quality. It seems scam. Take a look if it is good and worthy. The product looks good when you buy it, but actually, it is different. This is how scam happens. Take care.

  4. I ordered 1 pair of trousers from this crowd and they sent me a different pair and two blouses that I did not order and charged me for the lot!!
    Bad decision on my part ! Do not go near them!!

  5. I ordered 3 linen shirts and had to wait over a month for delivery by snail mail from China. I got cheap Polyester quality. The size is comparable to two sizes smaller. The stripped shirt I ordered looks as if it was made for an inmate. And I am missing one shirt.
    I emailed complaining, the answer I received was that they shipped as ordered and do not see a reason for a refund not even addressing the missing item.

  6. It’s a scam. Amazing design reproduction of products from Etsy or retired Amazon ones, but execution and material really shitty, some viscose easy to print, sewing execrable. They do send products tho 🙂 … anyway, tried their return policy, silly me, they blatantly said No returns, after they tried to scare me with ‘it is expensive to return to our warehouse in China’ (their website says ‘closest warehouse’), then offered a a shitty 5% ‘compensation’. Anyway, scam through and through. Can’t track the shipment with any international tool, it seems they use their own (, a scammer also). The low score feedback on their site disappear (mine), and the positive ones tend to be sent at the same time 🙂 … They not have at least 3 domains under which they operate …

  7. This is the worse company ever. Please do not buy from them. They will not exchange anything. This company needs to be stopped.


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