Brasov Near Castle {Aug} Complete Useful Information!

Brasov Near Castle {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> This article consists of the details about the beautiful Romanian city Brasov and the castles present.

Are you someone who likes to explore old castles? For example, have you heard of the beautiful castles present in the Romanian city of Brasov, where lots of tourists come to explore the beauty of Brasov Near Castle?

People from the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, and other parts of the world are much excited to know about these mesmerizing castles and understand the history of these castles. So, it’s worth visiting these castles which will leave you with lots of beautiful memories.

What is so famous about Brasov?

Brasov is one of the important cities of Romania. It is also the seventh most populous Romanian city with a population of more than 250,000. It is also the birthplace of the Romanian National Anthem, which gives Brasov a significantly important place in Romania’s identity. 

Brasov Near Castle

The castles in Brasov and its details are mentioned as follows:

  • Bran Castle: It is the most famous castle in Brasov as it is famously known as Draculas’ Castle, as it is known as the home of the character Dracula. This castle based on the fictional character is a museum that consists of furniture and art collections of Queen Marie.
  • Peles Castle: This castle was built by the first Romanian King Carol I as his summer residence. Even after 150 years of its build, it is a major tourist attraction according to research on Brasov Near Castle.


  • As Brasov is situated in the central part of Romania, it is a well-known tourist destination visit to know more about the city and country’s history and culture.
  • It also has the peculiarity of being the largest city in Romania based on mountain resorts. The city also provides the tourist’s cable-car facility to help them view the gorgeous mountain top view of Mount Tampa.
  • The city consists of multiple restaurants with international cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, Hungarian, etc.


  • Human activity in Brasov was dated around 9500 BCE, during the Neolithic age. Read more to know about Brasov Near Castle.
  • Most of the development on Brasov was made by Transylvanian Saxons, who were invited to build and develop towns, mines, and for cultivation between the period 1141-1300.
  • The city played an important location in major trade routes which connected the Ottoman Empire with Western Europe for transport of goods.
  • Apart from the common Romanian population, Brasov had a Bulgarian population located at Schei district and a Hungarian population at Blumana district.


Brasov is one of the most visited places in Romania as it provides various sight-seeing opportunities to the tourists and provides a good transportation facility around Brasov Near Castle and bus services are available to travel everywhere. 

So, are you planning to explore those castles? If so, then please do share your feedback about the castles with us.

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