Boojoy Shoes Reviews (March 2022) Is This A Legit Product?

If you want to avoid being scammed in the name of branded winter shoe sales, we recommend you to read about Boojoy Shoes Reviews.

As we prepare for Christmas, it’s time to travel, meet our friends and family members, and spend our holidays on long trips and picnics. In this winter season Worldwide, especially in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, and France, we need to take care of our health.

Are you looking to buy winter clothes and accessories? What is your choice of shoes? Did you consider the requirement for winter? Read about Boojoy Shoes Reviews to know more about such a shoe and its legitimacy.

About The Product

The comfort of BooJoy shoe users in the United States, Australia, Italy, Israel and all across the globe is its primary goal. It is made flexible and soft so that you feel feather-lite. During the winter and rainy seasons, the roads are slippery. Boojoy Shoes are claimed to be made with a rugged sole which makes them anti-slippery. It is designed to give a cushion effect, and fabric lining not only splits the impact of your footsteps but also keeps you warm.

The shoes are designed to let the air circulate, making your feet have a breathing effect. It is water-resistant and stylish. Boojoy Shoes Reviews finds that this feature also helps to reduce the odour, and BooJoy Shoes do not wear out quickly. The BooJoy Shoes comes in four different colours, and it is offered for both men and women.

How To Use BooJoy Shoes?

  • Tuck your jeans (or) informal wear into the BooJoy Shoes for a great look.
  • Wear cropped jeans with BooJoy Shoes to make overall appearance good.
  • Wear flare jeans with BooJoy Shoes.
  • For a contemporary outfit, wear relaxed-fit jeans with BooJoy Shoes.
  • Stack boot-cut jeans with BooJoy Shoes for a relaxed feeling.

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Specifications of BooJoy Shoes

  • The Product Name: BooJoy Winter Shoes
  • Brand: BooJoy 
  • Available colours: Black, Red and Blue.
  • Sizes: 36 EU to 44 EU.
  • Sole Type: Gel effect sole
  • Weight: Very light
  • Type of Material: Flexible material, and cushion, fabric
  • Type of design: Without laces
  • Price: EUR 79.95

Advantages of The Product

  • Fifty percent off on all variants and
  • Free delivery irrespective of order amount
  • It guarantees 100% satisfaction (or) you may return the shoes within 14 days.
  • Easy-fit shoe

Disadvantages of The Product

  • It is not fully waterproof
  • Non-slip grip fails while running
  • Materials used in the shoe are artificial, considering the Boojoy Shoes Reviews 

Is Boojoy Shoes Legit Or A Scam?

We have extensively reviewed the product and the brand to check its authenticity, and the parameters are given as below:

About The Brand

  • The information about the BooJoy brand is not available on the internet.
  • BJ is used regardless of the company manufacturing the shoes.
  • While we reviewed BJ shoes on Amazon and other legit portals, we found that BJ is imprinted on shoes from various brands.
  • BooJoy brand is not present on social media.
  • The legitimacy of the seller’s website is questionable as it was launched 29 days back and had a considerable threat score. The domain was registered on 11th November 2021 and will expire on 11th November 2022 that quotes that it has short-life expectancy, considering the Boojoy Shoes Reviews. 
  • The seller’s website has a terrible 2% trust score and 58.5/100 as a trust rank.

About The Product

  • The reviews indicate that hundreds of shoe companies imitate the BooJoy shoe design.
  • The BJ™ is used across most of the brands. The term BJ is used to describe winter shoes over the internet.
  • Almost positive reviews available on the official website imparts suspicion on the product. 
  • As no information is found on reliable sites, it seems this product was recently added to the website. 

Customers’ Boojoy Boots Reviews

As stated above, the term BJ™ is not specifically used for the BooJoy brand, and it is a general term used for winter shoes. We specifically reviewed customer feedback for shoes that showcased BJ imprinted. 

There are thousands of BJ design reviews, and they are rated a little above 4/5 stars on legit shopping portals. Satisfied customers had advised that the shoe is very comfortable and keeps their feet warm.

Dissatisfied customers, quoting for the Boojoy Shoes Reviews, had mentioned that the shoe is slippery, the fabric used in the shoe is artificial, Moreover, it is not fully waterproof, the shoes were delivered in a defective condition, the shoes are too small (or) too large even though the correct size was mentioned at the time of purchase. 

There are no specific BooJoy social media reviews. Therefore, please read carefully on product legitimacy first before ordering. 

The Concluding Thoughts

BooJoy does not have a presence on social media and shopping sites. Boojoy Shoes Reviews concluded that several brands sell their shoes with BJ imprinted on them.

Hence, the BooJoy Shoes, and BooJoy brand are questionable in the absence of the reviews and recent establishment. So, it is suggested to purchase BJ design shoes from the legit portals in place of any random portal and check their authenticity. 

Did you find this article on Boojoy Shoes informative? Please leave your feedback about this Boojoy shoe article. Also, read more about the trustworthiness of Boojoy shoes and the Boojoy brand here. 

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  1. Thank you very much for this assessment. As somebody being scammed recently by a so-called UK company (UKHair, actually a chinese family business, scamming people with fake advertising), I cannot say how much I appreciate when somebody takes the time to investigate the veracity of various “brands” and then is publishing the results of their investigation for the general public’s information. I’m really grateful and I appreciate your effort.

  2. I placed an order for (original/authentic) BJ boots with, believing it to be the original manufacturer of this brand, on December 9, 2020. Until this day not only have I not received any product but neither any reply to my numerous emails requesting information about the status of the order. Thanks God I have the Platinum American Express which will take care for getting my money back. Be aware of this site or the associated one (the one you are transferred to for the actual purchase) –

  3. I am still waiting for my shoes ordered April 4, 2020, the girl there her name is Alice Moreau told me that my shoes were delivered and arrived. Well, I never received the boots I had ordered and she told me that she will give me a rebate of 11.00 Canadian which I never received at all. Back and forth I write to her complaining and she sends me 2 different tracking numbers. This is a disgusting company ripping off people.

    • Hello Ingrid Sardar, please check once you are back. Let us know the quality of the product whether it is as per the ordered one. Please let us know the details. It will help the individuals to know about the portal. Take care. Thanks.


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