Boggbag Reviews {May} Is This website Scam Or Legit?

Boggbag Online Website Reviews

If you are looking for a trusted place for some unbiased review regarding this site. Check our Boggbag Reviews, it will guide you correctly.

Have you ever bought a tote bag? Some websites offer bags. You will find multiple designs of bags in an online store. But today, the website we will talk about only offers a particular or specific bag design. 

You will find out there are many bags available on different sites, but this site offers only large tote bags. This website is known as the Boggbag website. This website has also currently caught people’s attention in the United States. So, let’s discuss it via our Boggbag Reviews.

About Boggbag

Boggbagg is an old website that was created to sell tote bags. They offer large tote bags to carry large or heavy items. The inspiration behind making this website was to sell these tote bags. These bags are quite large, and you can easily carry heavy or large items. There are various colours and various designs available as well. Their products are also available on different e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Next, we will try to figure out whether Is Boggbag Legit or fake.

Specifications of Boggbag

  • Return Policy- Any returned products should be made within 15 days of purchase.
  • Newsletter- The newsletter of this website is present.
  • Products Offered- Tote Bags.
  • Payment Methods- Payment can be done by various methods such as Amex, ApplePay, Google Pay, MasterCard, ShopPay, Visa, Discover etc.
  • Shipping Timing- Shipping may vary but typically takes 3-7 days.
  • Domain Creation Date- The domain was created on 2008/07/07.
  • Website Link- check out the products by visiting
  • Email Address- connect to them via
  • Contact Number check out this (866) 264-4224 via Boggbag Reviews.
  • Company Address- NJ 07644, South Lodi 240 NJ-17.
  • Exchange Policy- Products can be exchanged within 15 days.

Let’s now find out the positive and negative aspects of the website.

Positive Aspects of Boggbag

  • The website is pretty old.
  • Owner information is available.
  • The website has a social media presence,
  • Many customer reviews are available.
  • The website is very popular.
  • Products are available on other e-commerce sites.
  • The website is protected by the HTTPS protocol.

Negative Aspects of Boggbag

  • The company Address doesn’t seem genuine.

Is Boggbag Legit? Or Scam

Every online site should go through this stage to be qualified as an authentic site. So, we discuss the legitimacy factors which will prove its worth.

  • Website Foundation Date- On 2008/07/07, the website was founded; it has been a long time and is also a sign of trustworthiness.
  • Website Termination Date- The website will be terminated on 2022/07/07, which is near.
  • Discounts- No discounts given.
  • Social Media Presence- The website is active on many social media platforms.
  • Owner Information- Owner information is available and is also genuine.
  • Customer Reviews- check via Boggbag Reviews; many customer reviews are found on the website and the products.
  • Policies-Policies are given.
  • Content Quality- The About us content is 79% plagiarized.
  • Address Authenticity- The company Address does not seem to be genuine.
  • Trust Score- This website has scored 86%, which is considered a standard one.
  • Trust Rank- Trust Rank is 88.6%, which is also good.

Customer Thoughts

Customer Reviews can unfold the truth about an online site. So, after thorough research, we have collected many customer reviews of this site and the products. They’re both regular customer reviews and article-based reviews available. We managed to get some reviews from Facebook with a 4.7 rating, and they have mixed reviews. 

And there are lots of reviews found on Amazon with a 4.8 rating with mixed reviews. So, this is considered a positive sign. So, if you want to find out how to get a PayPal refund, check here via Boggbag Reviews.

Final Conclusion

The Boggbag is an old website that is very transparent with its company information. It has social media presence on Facebook  and Instagram with over 77k followers. 

And this website has many customer reviews, both positive and negative. So, judging from the above points, we can say this website seems authentic, and we would ask you to check the details by yourself before buying. So, check and know how to get a refund via credit card.

Also, if you have anything to say about the website or this article, comment to us in the box below in Boggbag Reviews.

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