Blur Wordle {March 2022} Know About High Contrast Mode!

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Blur Wordle has shared details of a different game mode and discussed colour blind mode and ways to activate it.

Wordle has made a place for itself in every word puzzle lover’s mind, and people want to know everything about this game. Its clone like Quardle, Heardle and Nerdle is also doing well in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Digital media has covered a different aspect of Wordle and its clone in the last two months, and they have also provided daily solutions for it. This article will discuss its various modes and how they can benefit players.

To know more about Wordle modes, keep reading Blur Wordle till the end.

Wordle Different Modes:

Wordle clones have attracted the attention of most players and developers in recent times, but now things are getting normal. In the first phase of Wordle analysis, people concentrated on ways to play the game and its rule.

On close analysis, we can see that this game has a lot more to offer, which can be done by activating different modes in the game. This game has become the daily activity of word puzzle lovers in Canada and Australia.

There are three different modes in the game.

  • Hard Mode
  • Dark Theme 
  • High contrast mode

Blur Wordle Mode and its Benefits:

Hard mode deals with gameplay and will change the guessing pattern in the game. In regular mode, players put words according to their choice, and if the letter and its place are correct, tiles will become yellow and green accordingly.

In hard mode, players are required to put the letter in green and yellow tile in their next attempt at guessing. High contrast mode is also known as improved vision mode, and in this mode, yellow and green colour is replaced by blue and orange colour.

In normal mode, the wrong letter turns the tile grey; similarly, in Blur Wordle, the tile also turns grey for the wrong letter.

High contrast mode is mainly given for colour blind people as it is well known that blue and orange are well recognized by people having colour blindness issues.

How to Activate Color Blind Mode?

Players using Colourblind mode can also share their scores on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook by sharing their blue and orange boxes. Players can use these to showcase their skills to their friends and colleagues.

To Activate the Color Blind Mode, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Wordle on your screen and go to the setting on the right side.
  • Blur Wordle is placed after hard mode and dark mode.
  • To choose Colourblind mode, switch on the toggle.
  • Return to your desktop and start playing the game.
  • In place of yellow and green, the tile will turn blue and orange.

This mode will not affect the gameplay of Wordle.

Final verdict:

Though it is a simple word puzzle game developer has tried to make it enjoyable by adding more features to this game. Hard mode has the ability to increase the difficulty level, while colour mode is for needy people.

Wordle players can share their views on different modes of the game in the comment section of Blur Wordle.

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