Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse {May} Find Schedule!

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Hello, readers; In this article, we will inform you about the cities in which Lunar Eclipse 2022 can be seen. Dear readers, do you want to know the schedule of Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse? It occurs when the earth comes between the moon and sun, and the moon turns dull orangey-red.

On May 15, 16, 2022, the Total Blood Moon will be visible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, including the parts of the Indian Ocean. 

Schedule of Lunar Eclipse – 

The first Total Lunar Eclipse is going to happen on May 15, 2022, at 10:10 p.m. EDT and May 16, 2022, at 7:40 a.m. IST. The dates of the Lunar Eclipse may vary because of different time zones.

Brief About the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse

According to the Hindu Mythology, the Lunar Eclipse falls on the Full Moon/Purnima. This will be visible in southern Hemisphere regions. It is not going to appear in India, South America, and Europe. 

The Total Blood Moon is going to appear in the following cities having 99.1% of the Moon’s disk within Earth’s umbra – London, Brussels, Havana, Lagos, Johannesburg, Paris, Guatemala, New York, Rome, Washington DC, Madrid, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Chicago. The Half Blood-Moon will be visible in Budapest, Ankara, Athens, Honolulu, and Cairo. 

How to watch Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse?

The Lunar Eclipse doesn’t affect our eyes, even if we look at the Blood Moon with naked eyes. There is no need to wear glasses or anything special to watch Blood Moon. People who wish to see it can visit the area where it is going to be visible. 

The American Independent Agency NASA discussed the changes occurs during the total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon takes a dim and reddish colour shade. It happens because of two reasons – 

  • The immersion of the Moon in Earth’s shadow.
  • The Red wavelength of Sunlight.

In short, the Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse shows us the sun rises and sets in a single moment, which is happening on the Earth at that time. It looks like beautiful scenery. 


Q.1 What is the Phase in which a Lunar Eclipse begins?

A.1 The phase in which the Lunar Eclipse Begins is called the Penumbra. 

Q2 What is Blood Moon??

A.2 A red-tinted moon is also known as Blood Moon.

The Final Verdict – 

The Blood Moon has two phases and begins at particular places. It occurs every two and a half years. Hope, above details helps you in getting complete knowledge on it. But to know more details, please visit the following link on Blood Moon 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse

Will you watch the Blood Moon on Sunday? Please, comment on your experience with us. 

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