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What is Blood Essence? What is a God Wars dungeon? Have you ever played God Wars Dungeon? What is an old school runescape?

New games are released almost every day, but the old and classic games are always in demand. Furthermore, in this era of VR and AI, classic games are also undergoing revamp and update processes. Therefore, keeping the games relevant to technology and trends is important.

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What is the God Wars Dungeon?

It is a dungeon where the armies find, and they fight. Also known as GWD was first launched in 2007 august. An updated version returned with further development in 2013. This dungeon is a part of a fighting game where the god and goddess fight, which continues from the god wars.

This place can be found around Trollheim in the northern part. The player cannot go to or have access to the place unless they complete certain achievements and stages. Therefore, players need to be very attentive. In this place, the chances of getting killed are higher.

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What is Old school Runescape? 

It is a video game initially released in 2007, but it had some technical issues. Due to which a main and developed version was launched in 2013. In 2018 the company (who are publishers and developers of this game) Jagex Ltd., Released its mobile version.

This game is quite old and has had a lot of updates over the period. Several gods or goddesses and many monsters, alliances, shields, weapons and ammunition. This game has a lot of locations such as Bandos’ Stronghold, Armadyl’s Eyrie, Zamorak’s Fortress, Ancient Prison and Armadyl’s Eyrie.

What is Blood Essence Osrs?

It is an item that can be found at Ancient prisons. This is a dropped item from NPCs. This item was recently added on 5th January. Blood essence is a tradable item but not a quest item.

It is made of blood which has magical powers and strength. This item can be destroyed when dropped. The value of blood essence is 200000 coins. Once the item is activated, it becomes a non-tradable item.

This item will provide layers with a 50% chance to make one more blood rune. The sources of this item are generally Spiritual maze zaros and Blood reaver. 

Blood Essence Osrs is an item in the game Old school Runescape. The developers added this item to the game on 16th December 2021, but it was not available to collect or use. However, from 5th January 2022, this is available.  


The game is very popular all around the globe. People like this game because of its concept, characters, scenarios, quests, items and unique locations. It has been more than five years since the main game was released, but still, people play this game.

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