Bleasters Reviews {July 2022} Is It A Legit Website?

These Bleasters Reviews will help to determine the legitimacy of the website that claims to sell different types of toy guns.

Do you want to buy an AK47 Toy Gun? It’s fun to play with toy weapons with your friends and kids. These kinds of toy weapons are available at many shops worldwide. Most of them, though, are fake. 

We want you to know that not all websites on the internet are trustworthy. To avoid fraud, always check the legitimacy of websites before making a purchase. Read Bleasters Reviews to know everything about Bleasters com.

What is Bleasters com?

An internet store called offers a large selection of toy firearms for purchase. They offer toy firearms such as the AK-47, MP5, GLOCK17, HK416 and Orbeez. They offer international shipping for their products. They employ water-filled biodegradable orbeez as their weapons, which upon hit, shatter into a variety of tiny pieces. 

They completely disappear once they dry. They are not only biodegradable, non-toxic, and beneficial to the environment; they also don’t need to be cleaned, so you may enjoy playing outdoor activities while protecting the environment. Read Is Bleasters Legitto know more.

What are the specifications of Bleasters com?

  • Website link –
  • Products – They are selling Toy Guns
  • Company Address – No data available.
  • Domain Age – Less than 6 months 
  • Newsletter – No data available.
  • Email –
  • Contact Number – No data available.
  • Shipping Charges – over € 75, shipping is free
  • Social Media Icons – Yes, it is available.
  • Delivery Time – 10 to 25 business days.
  • Return Time – Within 30 Days
  • Exchange Time – Within 30 Days
  • Payment Methods – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal,
  • Refund Time – No data available.

Bleasters Reviews will provide you advantages and disadvantages of buying from Bleasters com.

These are the advantages of buying from Bleasters com.

  • They sell a wide range of gun toys on the website.
  • Bleasters com is HTTPs secured.
  • The webpage includes social media handles.
  • The website’s user interface is distinctive.

These are the disadvantages of buying from Blisters com.

  • The available items are very costly on the site.
  • The things are being delivered quite late. The details about the owner are missing from the website.
  • The major contact details of the company are not uploaded on the site.

Is Bleasters Legit?

We must exercise caution while making purchases from unknown online stores because, as we are all aware, online frauds are increasingly prevalent these days. After all, many websites today are fraud sites that mislead users.

So here are a few factors you should consider before buying anything from the site.

  • Domain registration date – It is valid until 27/06/2022.
  • The expiration date for the domain – Valid until 27/06/2023.
  • Content Quality – The content on the website is 100% original and unique.
  • Address originality – the address of their office is not available.
  • Customer Reviews – Yes, Bleasters Reviews Available.
  • Alexa Rank – The globally Alexa rank of the website is not available 
  • Social Media Links – Instagram and TIK TOK social media handles are available.
  • Index Rank – The index rank of the website is 42.8 out of 100, which indicates that the website is questionable.
  • Policy – The policy of this website is not unique and original. It’s copied from other reputable sites.
  • Trust score – The trust index of the website is 1%, which is a very bad trust index score.
  • Ownership Details – No data available.
  • Unrealistic discounts – They are offering discounts on the website.

Customer’s Bleasters Reviews

The website does offer customer reviews on the website. But We also looked for reviews on other platforms, but none have been discovered. Click Here and Learn How to Receive a PayPal Refund

The Bottom Line

According to our investigation, a website by the name of sells a variety of toy guns. Toy guns like the AK-47, MP5, GLOCK17, HK416 and Orbeez are available from them. But regrettably, these websites have raised many red flags for us. 

And it appears that this website is unreliable. So, until additional details are available, could you take a look at our Bleasters Reviews? Click here to Learn How to Receive a Refund using a Credit card. Click here to learn about Toy Gun.

Have you ever brought anything from this bleaters com? If yes, then you can share your experience in the comment section.

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