Blazeage Reviews (April) Is The Site Legit?

Blazeage Online Website Reviews
If you are looking for a place to buy online shoes, we suggest you check our Blazeage Reviews post first before shopping from the site.

Are you looking for a place to buy shoes? Shoes are a necessity in our daily life. We can’t take a step outside without shoes. Apart from necessity, people nowadays see shoes as a fashionable item. There are various styles and designs of shoes available in the market. Shoes are not only available in the market, but you can now find shoes online. 

There are many online stores available. One of them is the Blazeage store which is getting popular in the United States, and we will discuss it through the Blazeage Reviews.

About Blazeage

Blazeage, an online shopping store, claims to offer shoes and sandals. This website is currently selling only women’s sandals and shoes. They have various designs of sandals and shoes. They say that the company is based on three core principles. This website was founded at the end of 2021, and its shoes seem to be pretty expensive compared to other websites.

There are more details about the website, which we will discuss further, but first, we should know the specifications in-depth to know Is Blazeage Legit or fake.

Specifications of the Blazeage

  • Shipping Methods- Two methods are available; one is Standard, and the other is VIP.
  • Shipping Timing- Standard Shipping takes 7-12 days, and VIP Shipping takes 3-7 days.
  • Products Offered- Shoes and sandals for women.
  • Website Link-check the products via
  • Formation Date of Website- The website was formed on 2021/12/15.
  • Contact Number- contact through 442081233186  
  • Payment Options- Various payment options, such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, etc.
  • Email Address-check this  via Blazeage Reviews.
  • Refund Policy- Two return timing is available; one is within 60 days of the purchase, and the other is within 40 days.
  • Return Policy- Refund will be applied to the account in 14 days.
  • Newsletter- Newsletter is provided.
  • Exchange Policy- The exchange policy is not available on this site.
  • Company Address- WC1X 8BP, London, Greater London, 344-354 Gray’s Inn Road, England. 

It is necessary to know all the pros and cons of any website to get familiar with it. So, let’s discuss it and don’t forget to get it.

Pros of Blazeage

  • The website has given discounts on their products.
  • Many options are available on their products.
  • Website’s Url and Portal names are similar.
  • The website’s interface seems fine.

Cons of Blazeage

  • The website does not have any social media presence.
  • The company’s contact details are not authentic.
  • Owner information is not available.
  • The customer feedback is not available.

Is Blazeage Legit? Or Scam

A website’s validity can be judged by looking at its legitimacy factors. So, here we will state the facts which will clear our suspicions regarding the website.

  • Social Media Platform- There are no available social platforms.
  • Website Foundation Date-Portal was created on 2021/12/15, which is only 4 months.
  • Content Quality-The About Us content is 83% plagiarized and copied from another site.
  • Trust Score- Trust Score is only 2% and not up to the mark.
  • Trust Rank- Trust Ranking is not available.
  • Address Authenticity- The company Address is fake.
  • Expiration Date- know via Blazeage Reviews website will expire on 2022/12/14.
  • Policies- All policies are stated clearly.
  • Discounts- Discounts are available on some products.
  • Customer Feedback- No customer published or found anywhere.

Customer Reviews

We can quickly validate a website and justify our suspicion through customer reviews. So, we tried to look for the reviews on this website, but in the end, we couldn’t find any customer reviews. There are no customer reviews available. The reviews are not published on any site, be it trusted or regular, or on any social platform. So, this is a drawback of the site.

So, if you are looking for how to get a refund via PayPal, check here in the Blazeage Reviews.

Bottom Line

Our studies found that the Blazeage is an online shoe store. This website lacks in many ways, it does not have social media presence, owner details, or any customer reviews, and its trust score is also low. So, we can sum it up as a suspicious site. And, as it is a new website, we have to wait for future updates.

If you have any suggestions regarding this article, comment your thoughts in the box below.

And, if you want to get a credit card, refund check here via Blazeage Reviews.

8 thoughts on “Blazeage Reviews (April) Is The Site Legit?

  1. The email address comes back as no such address, tried to contact to return shoes they were too small and cheap looking. Not at all what the pictures were

  2. Wish to return two pair of shoes. Email address is returned as not deliverable. Unable to contact the sender to get info on return options.

    1. Hi Ruth Howland, This is very sad to know and your loss is really loss for the whole buyer community. Try to find the website’s nature before shopping so that you can stay away from any scam. Take care.

  3. Bought a pair of shoes on line from Blazeage, and there is no return address to ship them back .
    This was a scam !! Why do companies do these kind of things. For one thing its wrong, and the other, they must know that they will never get another order from that person or any one that person knows again. REPUTATION, REPUTATION, REPUTATION !!!

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