Blase Wordle {June} What Is The Right Answer? Check!

This post on Blase Wordle will inform our readers of the buzz around the word ‘Blase’ and the correct answer to the Wordle’s clue.

Did you solve yesterday’s Wordle? Do tell us in the comment section what word did you find. 

As we all know now of the new word game, Wordle, and how it is creating a buzz Worldwide

If you also play Wordle and solve its daily puzzle, we’ve brought today the answer to yesterday’s Wordle. In today’s article on Blase Wordle, you’ll get to know all about it. So, please read the full article.

Yesterday’s Wordle Clue

Wordle is a fun word puzzle game that is now played. Yesterday’s Wordle clue was a five-letter word that ends with -ase. The most guessed word among people was Blase.

Blase is a 5-letter word that means uninterested in something as they have done or experienced it very often before.

However, BLASE was not the correct word. The correct answer to Wordle’s Clue No.: 349 (June 3, 2022) is PHASE.

Yesterday’s Wordle was a bit tough. Congratulations to all our readers who still managed to get it right.

What is precisely Blase Wordle?

In yesterday’s Wordle, a five-letter word was asked, and the clue was that it ends with -ase. People tried to guess the word, and the most guessed word was Blase.

People thought that the correct word was Blase, as it is a 5-letter word that ends with -ase. However, the final Wordle clue was that the five-letter term begins with ‘P.’ 

Hence, the answer to the Wordle clue turned out to be PHASE. It is a very uncommon word to be used in Wordle’s puzzle. Hence, it was a bit difficult for the players to guess.

Some Other Words That Rhymes With Blase Wordle:

We told you about the buzz around the word ‘Blase’ in the previous section. This section will tell you about some other words that end with the suffix -ase. Here are some of the 5-letter words ending with -ase:

  • Abase
  • Chase
  • Cease
  • Erase
  • Lyase
  • Lease
  • Tease
  • DNase
  • RNase
  • Urase
  • Prase

We hope to provide enough words for your further Wordle’s clues. We hope that these words will help you in solving future Wordle clues or if you play any other word games. Some of these words even rhyme with the Blase Wordle. We tried to give as many words as possible that end with -ase.


Today’s article told our readers why the word ‘Blase’ was getting so much attention in yesterday’s Wordle. We also informed our readers of the correct answer to yesterday’s Wordle. We tried to give some other words ending with -ase that might help you in future Wordle’s clue or any other word puzzle games. Please check this link for more updates on Wordle answers

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