(Jan 2022) Check The Legitimacy Here!

Do you love trading? Want to invest in a safe and productive platform? But, at first, let us examine to make you cautious.

Are you finding the trace of a convenient trading platform? But, first, let us expose more about a trading site. 

In the United States, trading is becoming a craze since it fuels the country’s growth, providing a good income source and jobs. Thus, it is seen that through trading, they have elevated their lifestyle and are living a comfortable life. But not all sites are legit; thus, this article will present a portal to you, pretending to provide good trading services. 

So, let us induct research on

Prefacing The Platform

It is an online trading crypto service source established in 2018. Moreover, BitWall has also stated that they provide supreme performance solutions to every cryptocurrency issue. 

In addition, BitWall’s prime goal is to support and make a profitable approach for newcomers and experts. Also, they act to provide utmost security to users by their independent servers. 

BitWall also supplies language assistance to traders to cope with the communications between users in the community. Now, let us seek its few captivating features in-depth.

Attractive Traits Of

  • Inflated Performance: Employing efficient performance technology, they assist in combining 1.4 million units every second. 
  • Elevated Transparency: The BitWall GLOBAL with 6 million users maintains the community properly by enabling liquidity. 
  • Multi-cryptocurrency Assistance: They maintain and provide trading of cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDT, etc., to beginners and professional users. 
  • Language Supporter: BitWall helps the traders from different parts to understand every concept and decision in their comfortable language.

How To Begin The Order Process? 

We have supplied the effective and appropriate method to order on the site below, but kindly check the reviews for over the Internet. 

  • Head towards the Trade section.
  • In the Market window, select the cryptocurrency.
  • Double-press on the needed coin.
  • They make an Order.
  • Also, on the page, you will encounter other users’ orders.

Extra Information 

Our findings have revealed that the site’s enrolment date was 23-12-2021, which means it was created only 6 days ago. Moreover, it will expire on 23-12-2022. 

Also, it has a horrible trust score,i.e., 1%; similarly, 0.4/100 trust rank value is accumulated by the portal. Furthermore, the Alexa Rank value and Trustpilot feedback for are unavailable. 

People Reviews 

After further investigations, we have found some users’ comments over a discussion site. In addition, almost all people have recorded that the BitWall platform is a scam since after depositing the money, you will never encounter your capital’s activity. 

Moreover, other users commented that there are many loopholes in the site because they will give you many attractive offers to trick you. 


We have discussed the features of a trading service provider claiming to provide several benefits in this writing. Moreover, the portal’s age and other details have implied that is a suspicious site. 

Also, over a discussion website, a few users have imparted red flags for it, stating that BitWall is not safer to use since it is providing unrealistic offers to newcomers. 

Is BitWall a fraud? Kindly tell us your reaction in the comment section to inform others. Also beware and stay alert of online scams.

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