Billionaire Bunker NFT (Jan) An Ultra-High Utility NFT!

 Have you got the founder’s identity and aims of the Billionaire Bunker NFT? If you are excited about full details, then look at this writing.

Do you have a passion for working and earning through NFTs? Then, stop here and evaluate this post. 

Millions of NFTs are supplied by artists of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for the consumers. But you know why NFTs are trending; the main reason is that it allows the original creator to hold their own while generating revenues. Also, NFTs provide strong security to users’ details. 

Thus, this post will carry informative news on Billionaire Bunker NFT, so be here if you need authentic hints. 

Estimating The NFT

It is one of the trendiest NFT possessing 4444 big cats for which people are searching and reacting to it. Moreover, they aim to be a leader in working with NFTs. Besides, it provides an ultimate pack for the investors to improve utilities and is supplied by billionaire cats. 

They have marked this platform as huge where the NFT and crypto players unite in teaching others and learning the beneficial technologies. Let us start our finding on its owner’s details. 

Who Founded The Billionaire Bunker NFT?

According to the latest reports, a team currently handles this platform, including experts.

  • Home Run– Investor and CEO 
  • BB– Consultant 
  • Ligero– Marketing and Execution 
  • AK47– Illustrator 
  • Fuego– Developer 
  • Renzo– Creative Director and Artist
  • StickerOnGlass– Strategy

Thus, in the next parts, we will see what this NFT wants to deliver amongst the audience, so keep reading this post carefully. 

What Is It Offering?

The Billionaire Bunker offers their investors to hold the trading tools to determine the top investment. In addition, if you sustain their big cats for 6 months, then Billionaire Bunker NFT will provide you 20% royalties for a single dollar extracted from the investment tools.  

Besides, it also provides useful courses related to training and becoming an expert in the field. 

NFT Price

The data have revealed that presently it costs 0.088 ETH + gas per NFT. 

Other Necessary Details 

By exhaustive research, we have noticed the following statistical details of this NFT, so let us check them one by one to predict its value for the traders. 

  • Its median price in 7 days is $537.
  • Ξ0.16 is its floor price.
  • The number of Billionaire Bunker NFT holders is 1,958.
  • The 7-day average price of the token is $530.
  • The number of NFTs sold in 7 days is 1,008.
  • The total supply of this token is 4,444.

How Are People Responding?

On Instagram, the public has mentioned that the NFL is looking interesting and nice. In addition, some users suggested links to promote the NFT on different platforms. However, some found this NFT cute. 


The paragraphs mentioned above have connected links to find essential details on Billionaire Bunker NFT. Moreover, we have also seen the facilities served by the NFT in this post. In this write-up, the contributors of the platforms are also stated. 

Moreover, other statistical details of Billionaire Bunker are highlighted in this writing to find its worthiness. 

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