Billings MT Strawberry Festival {July 2022} Read Here!

This post on the Billings MT Strawberry Festival will guide you through the event and the live street entertainment.

 Have you heard of Billing’s biggest street strawberry festival? This event in the state of Montana, United States, has become very popular through the years. The strawberry festival is held, marking the start of the summer season. This is a beautiful festival with a lot of food and great activities. 

This post on Billings MT Strawberry Festival gives information about what happens at the festival and what activities are performed. Kindly read further to learn about this interesting event. 

What is the event? 

The event is the main attraction of not only the state of Montana but also the northeast region of the United States. The event started with fun activities for the children but has now expanded to different facets and special activities for all age groups. The event tends to more than 90 merchants for food stalls of French crepes, noodle bowls, and BBQs, numerous live street activities, and rich diversity in arts and crafts, not forgetting the strawberries’ pallets as the event’s main attraction.

The Strawberry Festival Billings MT 2022 vendors state that it is a very beloved festival, and people participate in it with equal zeal and joy. They always worry about having enough supplies because of the festival’s success. The event is brings in a lot of out of state people too, for them to  experience the different food and activities. The eagerly awaited event brings new hope and happiness to the whole state of Montana. The event is usually held in June, but due to the unpredictable weather, the date has been shifted to July. This year’s event has many exhilarating additions.

What is new about Billings MT Strawberry Festival?

There will be a 50/50 raffle fundraiser for the upcoming public art projects. In this year’s event, There will be lively street entertainment all over the city and not just at the place of the fundraiser, there will be a free climb wall from Steep World, and merchants will have strawberries and other berry products in the event. Considering COVID-19 protocols, the event will have multiple hand washing stations, more booth space, and the most up-to-date CDC public health recommendations. All will be happiness, excitement, and opportunity in the Billings MT Strawberry Festival


In summation of this essay, one can say that the event is most talked about in Billings, Montana. This is when people are excited to eat different food and participate in thrilling activities, including wall climbing and enjoying live street performances that enhance their experience. The event is to celebrate the summer season and the harvest of strawberries, but, over time has become grander, noteworthy, and monumental for the audiences. The festival is one of the best in Montana. 

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